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Okinawa Diet - OIST students created this wonderful guide!

A group of OIST students has created the guide called "Okinawa Diet" that introduce variety of recipes of Okinawan Dishes.


Okinawan cuisine has unique tastes as this unique food culture has been cultivated under the influence of Asian countries including Japan, China, and Taiwan. The secrets of the Okinawan cuisine have been transmitted from generation to generation throughout centuries. With this book we wish to spread out this fascinating gastronomic culture and guide the reader to the intriguing world of Okinawan cuisine with some of the most popular dishes presented in easy recipes. At the end of the book there’s a list with images of the ingredients used, so you can find them easily in the supermarkets if you’re not familiar with these products.

Enjoy cooking and eating Okinawan style!


Please check out the guide from HERE!