GTN Moible

GTN Mobile is specialized in mobile services for foreign residents in Japan. As a foreign resident in Japan, you may face issues such as inflexible payment options, difficulties in understanding the plans, etc. when looking for suitable mobile services.

With GTN Mobile,

  1. There is no contract period
  2. Multilingual support
  3. Easy application process
  4. Flexible payment methods*

are available.

*In Japan, mobile bills are generally postpaid. This will be problematic when you leave the country because you will be required to close your bank account (which you may set as a debit account for the mobile bills) before you leave the country. You can negotiate with GTN Mobile about how to make your final payment. They might be able to suggest what payment method will be most suitable for you.

DTN Mobile is recommended for those who are looking for sim cards with reasonable plans, multilingual support, a simple application process, etc.

If you are asked to wire the initial cost to GTN mobile through an ATM machine please refer to the following page for the instruction:

Please use the following link to subscribe to their mobile service. 



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