Family Member Access Card


OIST operates a Family Member Access Program to allow access to non-wet lab/experimental spaces in the laboratory buildings, in addition to designated public areas of OIST, for the requested purpose, such as to attend language classes and other activities for family members. Family members, who are 18 and over, are to register for and receive ID cards that will allow them access to limited areas of the laboratory buildings. 

Access to laboratory buildings is a privilege. Family members applying for access cards are expected to follow all rules and regulations regarding their conduct in the laboratory buildings. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of access. If building use should change, OIST reserves the right to terminate the Family Member Access Program. 



Please make sure you follow the Accessible Area map and that you don't enter the areas that are not accessible for the family members. Entering prohibited areas might result in cancellation of access.

Accessible Area map

Family Member Access Card regulation and declaration



  • Download the regulations/declaration form from HERE

=>Read the regulations and sign the declaration form



  • Click "DETAILED REPORT" to show the completion certificate

=>Save the certificate in PDF format on your PC.



  • Resource Center will email you once your card is ready for pickup



Lost Card


In case you lose your Family Member Access Card, please report the lost card as soon as you find out that your card is lost.

Report the lost card

If you wish to issue another card, you will need to submit the below application

Reissue application form

File Attachments