Vehicle Safety

  • Seatbelts for all passengers are mandatory in Japan.
  • Children under 6 are required to use a child car seat.
  • If you see Japanese children put their hand in the air, palm toward the traffic, this means they will across the street. Please prepare to stop.
  • Japan has a zero-tolerance policy towards drink-driving, penalty on DUI offense is always heavy.
  • As of Dec.1, 2019 Japan tightend the regulations on the use of mobile phones while driving. Drivers of standerd vehicles found using smartphones or mobile phones while driiving will face a fine of 18,000yen, a threefold increase from the previouse levy.

If an accident happened

  1. Call a toll-free 110 (Police)

Operator will connect you to an English speaking staff on duty, will arrange to facilitate communication in English.

  1. Follow the guideline, provide the following information.

          - Driver’s name, contact details (eg. Cellphone number)
          - Location of the accident
          - Nature of the accident (if anyone injured etc.)

  1. Call your insurance company immediately.

 (OIST strongly recommend CHUBB Insurance that provides 24/7 English response service ).

  • Never leave the scene of an accident until the police have authorized you to do so.        Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime for which you may be prosecuted.
  • If you are taken to a hospital by ambulance and need an interpreter, please call OIST Help Line 098-966-8989.

  • When caused an accident resulting a death or injury of person, by driving under influence of alcohol, drugs etc.  

Death: Up to 20 years in Prison 

Injury:  Up to 15 years in Prison