Green Okinawa(19) Local stores that sell eco-friendly items

We hope this post will be of some help for those who are looking for shops that sell locally-made/eco-friendly items.

There certainly are more shops we haven’t discovered yet. We appreciate it a lot if you can share the shops you know with fellow OISTers through the below form.

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  • Concept: Natural Material, Reusable, Eco-friendly Package, Less Waste, Minimal Design, Honest Price, 1% To The Planet, Support Business Owner
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @manaorganicliving

Mana. ORGANIC LIVING is an eco-lifestyle brand that aims to empower a sustainable way of living. They sell Bath&beauty, kitchen, cleaning, etc. Products are available at AIEN Coffee in Chatan, Bacon Bar Japan, and online store.



SHIMA DENIM WORKS is a clothing store located in Urasoe city where they sell products made out of local sugar cane bagasse. They also do custom-made clothing and Kariyushi rental services.



FOOD REBORN is a company that sells sustainable products using natural, locally harvested ingredients. Their special “Kiseki label” introduce products made out of pineapple leaf fiber.

RE/AO Ethical Store

RE/AO is a store located in Chatan where they sell ethical and eco products such as jewelry, clothes, and commodities. A free water refill station (mymizu) is also available if you take your own water bottle.


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