Preparing for Typhoon

The typhoon season is usually August to October. Typhoon conditions of readiness are broadcasted on Japanese T.V. and radio. And also on the US Armed Forces Network AFN FM 89.1 and AM 648.

Typhoons are severe weather conditions with heavy rain and strong winds. Tree branches are broken; power poles are blown over. Power outages are quite common. Below are some hits on how to be ready when a typhoon passes by or over Okinawa.

Preparing for a Typhoon

  • Have enough Food & Water for a few days
  • Have canned and packaged foods for two days (buy food which can be opened by hand)
  • Charge all your devices (Phones / iPad / game consoles / flashlights)
  • Clear your balcony / tie down items that can fly in the wind
  • Make a batch of rice. Easy go to for quick onigiris.
  • Fill Bath with Clean Water
  • Fill your car’s gas tank
  • Check OIST Typhoon guideline (English / Japanese)

When a Typhoon is close to your home

  • Stay indoors. It is not worth the risk of going out to get last minute items
  • Close Windows and Curtains

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