1) Parental leave

The University conforms to the Act on the Welfare of Workers Who Take Care of Children or Other Family Members Including Childcare and Family Care Leaves (Childcare and Family Care Leave Act, Act No. 76 of 1991) and all relevant laws and regulations, allowing employees a healthier balance between family and work life.

●For employees: Maternity leave/Child care leave (HR website)
              Mom and Dad Child Care Leave Plus (Japanese Law).
              Holidays and Leaves (HR website)

●For students:  Childbirth Accommodation Policy

2) Parents' handbook

For employees, we have created a Parents’ handbook for new and expecting parents in English and Japanese.

3) Mother's room

There are two Mothers’ Rooms in Lab 3, C729 and in Lab 4, C03, which are provided for OIST female faculty, staff, students, and family members who are pregnant or who have infants, and are in need of a place to rest, breast-feed or express milk. There is also a public space available in the Conference Center building.  Use is limited to the above purposes and conditions. Please read the Rules of Use in advance.


The Mothers’ Room in Lab 3, C729


The Mothers’ Room in Lab 4, C03

4) Diaper changing tables

Changing tables are installed in all OIST buildings.

Village Area: Accessible bathroom in the Auditorium and Mothers' Room in the Conference Center
Center Building: Female bathroom in Level A and the accessible bathroom in Level C
Lab 1: Female bathroom in Level A, the accessible bathroom in Level B, C, D
Lab 2: The Accessible bathroom in Level A, B, C
Lab 3: The Accessible bathroom in Level A, B, C
Lab 4: The Accessible bathroom in Level C, E, F

Location Map (OIST internal use)

Location of Diaper Change Sation and Mother's room (For Visitors)

5) Preschool - Child Development Center (CDC)

The CDC provides quality nursery care and early childhood education in English and Japanese for children from the ages of 2 months - 5 years(as of April 2). Visit the Child Development Center website for more information about what is available and how to make use of these services. CDC Parents Handbook (need to log-in) is also available.

6) School options

Within this website you will find relevant information on some of the current schooling options available for your child(ren).

7) School Age Program (SAP)

OIST offers afterschool care for OIST employees' and students' children ages 5-14.  For more information, visit the SAP program pages.

8) Child care service near OIST

The list of  private childcare centers near OIST are available from the Resouce Center. More details are on their homepage.