Postal Services/Express Courier Services (Takkyu bin 宅急便)

Postal Service Information in English: (0570) 046-111
Mon thru Fri, 08:00 to 22:00, Sat & Sun 09:00 to 19:00

Post Offices and stamps vendors are marked by the symbol: 〒
You can identify your local Post Office by looking for the post office sign on the building.

Here are some nearby locations:

  • Onna-son Central Post Office  (恩納郵便局)
    Address:: 2583-1 Aza Onna, Onnna-son, 904-0411
    TEL: 098-966-8327
  • Nakadomari Post Office  (仲泊郵便局)
    Address:: 107 Aza Nakadomari, Onna-son, 904-0415
    TEL : 098-964-3096
  • Kin Post Office (金武郵便局)
    Address:: 57-2 Aza Kin, Kin-cho, 904-1201
    TEL: 098-968-2601
  • Ishikawa Higashionna Post Office (東恩納郵便局)
    Address:: 593 Ishikawa Higashionna, Uruma-shi, 904-1111
    TEL: 098-964-2529
  • Irumina Post Office (伊良皆郵便局)
    Address:: 373-6 Aza Irumina, Yomitan-son, 904-0303
    TEL: 098-956-1241

Stamps can also be purchased at most convenience stores.

Domestic Mail


Postage is ¥82 for a standard domestic letter (up to 25 g) and ¥52 for a standard domestic postcard. Letters which are heavy or oversized cost considerably more.


You can send packages of up to 30 kg. The postal rate is slightly lower if you are sending printed material (e.g. books, magazines, newsletters, calendars, etc.) If you want this rate, tell the postal worker your package is printed material.

Registered Mail

With registered mail, you can track the progress of your letter or parcel. It is also possible to send cash via this service. To send cash, you must also purchase a cash registration envelop from the post office for ¥21. The cost of postage is higher for this service.

International Mail

Sending letters,parcels,and registered mail internationally is nearly the same as sending them domestically. Rates vary based on the destination, and as with domestic mail, there is a discount for packages containing only printed matter. However, when sending something overseas, you must choose between several different ways of posting the letter or parcel. They are listed here in order of speed.


EMS is the speediest way to send packages and documents abroad. EMS can be sent to over 120 countries and areas worldwide. Computerized tracking is also available for 40 countries and regions for a fee, as is insurance. Delivery speed differs among regions, but generally it takes only 2 - 4 days. You will need to fill out a special EMS envelope or label for your letter or package. These are available at the post office.

Air mail

Airmail is the standard way to send overseas mail. Delivery speed depends on mail conditions in the destination country, but mail will generally arrive in 3 to 6 days. To send something by airmail,simply write "Airmail" on the packaging, or ask the post office staff for an airmail sticker.

Economy Air (SAL: space available)

Economy Air is a method by which parcels and printed matter are air transported abroad using open space on airplanes. This is less expensive than airmail and faster than surface mail. Delivery generally takes 6 to13 days. To use this service, write "SAL" on the package or ask the post office staff for an SAL sticker.

Surface Mail

Surface mail is significantly cheaper than other methods. However, surface mail takes 1 to 3 months to reach its destination. Write “surface” on the package if you wish to use this method.

If you will send something important or valuable, or using surface, having it insured is recommended.

Express Courier Service

Yamato Takkyu Bin ヤマト宅急便 (Yamato Transport)

Offers both domestic and international express courier service. Please visit the web site for further assistance.

Sagawa Express 佐川急便

Also offers the same services; its Naha branch is the drop off point (commissioned business) for DHL.