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Welcome to the OIST Schooling Options webpage. The purpose of this page is to provide members of the OIST community with information regarding schooling options for their school-age children (ages 6-18). While the education coordinator makes every attempt to update this page regularly, we strongly encourage you to email for the most up-to-date information.

Note: When considering your schooling options in Japan, it can be helpful to think of the "big picture". Where do you expect your children to go to high school? What about university? Consider elementary and junior high school options carefully with these questions in mind.

Please note that High School education is not compulsory, which also means it is not guaranteed, and that is why these questions are so important to consider.

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New: 2024 Spring Schooling Options Seminar on May 10th (Friday) 1700-1900 video and slides now available under the "More Information" tab below --> Schooling Options Seminars

Chanpuruu Children's English Class registration is open for all elementary school children in the OIST community. More details here.

Online libraries for children:

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International Schools in Okinawa

The Schooling Options Team is committed to presenting as many options as possible for parents to consider for their children’s schooling. However, not every school is appropriate for every child, and inclusion on this list is not an endorsement of a particular school. We encourage parents and carers to thoroughly research any school they are considering for their child. We are happy to help walk you through that process, so please schedule a visit:


Japanese Education

Educational Information (official)

Schooling Options in Okinawa: Overview 

There are three types of schools for each level of education: Public, Private, and International. Please click the links below for more information on each.


Public Schools near by OIST

Onna Elementary School

Unna Junior High School


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