Third Party Childcare Providers

There are many childcare services that can provide childcare after hours or on weekends.

There are two types of service providers. One of them is Family Support Center. Family Support Center is operated by the village/town/city or Nonprofit organization and provide childcare support to those who live or work in the area.

Family Support Center

How Family Support Center works

First, you will have to become a member of the Family Support Center.

Then, you will meet with a Support Member who will provide childcare to your child(ren).

After the meeting, if everything is agreed, you will receive support from Support members.

You will be able to ask for support that ranges from babysitting, picking up your child from school, or even overnight stay. The support you can receive may vary depending on your situation or availability. It is best to contact them if you have any questions.

Family Support Center around OIST

Yanbaru Family Support Center: 

Phone: 0980-43-7551

The residents of Onna, Kin Town, can use this center.

No English Speaker is available

Download an English brochure here


Yomitan Family Support Center:

Phone: 098-953-3525

Provide support to Yomitan residents.

No English Speaker Available

Download an English brochure here

Uruma Family Support Center


Provide Support to Uruma residence

English Speaker available depending on the schedule

Download an English brochure here

Okinawa-city Family Support Center


Provide support to Okinawa-city residence

English Speaker available depending on the schedule

Please contact the resource center for more detailed information or make an appointment with them.

Here is the list of childcare providers around OIST

Other Childcare Providers

Another option is Childcare providing company. They tend to be more flexible, but the price is higher than Family Support Center.

Waku Iku Baby Sitter

Base Price (9:00 to 18:00) : 2,000 yen/hour

Early/late price : 2,500/hour

Sat/Sun/Holiday: above price plus 1,000/day

They have discounts for more than two children

Nirai Heart Hoiku Service

Provides service to Yomitan and Onna residence

Anjel Club Okinawa