Things you might receive within the first couple of months

1. Pension Notification Letter 基礎年金番号通知書 &Pension Book 年金手帳


 This is a letter to notify you of your pension number. Although you don’t have to do anything with this, please keep it with you as it is an official letter to prove your pension number.

 Many people will need this when they claim a pension return after leaving Japan.


←Pension Notification card






2. Japanese National Pension Bills 国民年金保険料


 If you receive the pension bills, please take action as below.

 OIST Employees
  You are eligible to apply for an exemption.  Please bring this letter, your passport, and your resident certificate to the Resource Center to apply for it. 

 OIST Students
 Please take this letter to the Student Support Section to consult further measures.




3. My Number Notification Letter 個人番号通知書


 This is an "Individual My Number Notification Letter."
The Individual my number, マイナンバー is a very important number that associates with all your financial activities in Japan, so please keep it with you. 

During your stay in Japan, you might be asked to present your My Number for special occasions, such as switching jobs, transferring money overseas, etc. 

Although it is optional for you to make the Individual My Number Card,マイナンバーカード, you are eligible to make it with this letter to use it as one of your IDs and get some benefits such as obtaining resident certificates at any convenience stores. So, if you'd like to make a "My Number ID Card," please follow the instructions from here





4. Address Confirmation Letter 居住確認届

 This letter (postcard size) is sent from the Japan Post to confirm the new tenant's name and address.
 If you receive this postcard, please fill out all the tenant names and addresses by following the instructions

 Once you complete the form, kindly post it at the nearest mail box (no stamp needed).