Home Safety

Gas Leaks

What to do when a gas leak occurs:

  • Close the main gas valve and unplug utensils.
  • Extinguish all open flames and sources of combustion.
  • Open doors and windows to vent the gas out of the room.
  • Do not turn on any electrical appliances. (This includes ventilation fans.)
  • Call the Gas Company, housing agency, or landlord immediately for inspection.
  • Do not attempt to fix a gas problem yourself. LP gas can be extremely dangerous if someone inexperienced tries to fix it.

* If the gas is used over 2hours, it may automatically shut off for safety reasons. To use the gas again, wait a few minutes and then open the plastic lid beside the gas meter and reset it. Keep pressing the button until it restarts.
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Fire extinguishers
When you buy a fire extinguisher, select a reinforced solution type effective for oil fire (油火災用消火器). If you already have one, please make sure the expiration date hasn’t passed yet.

Smoke Detectors

Some houses and apartments do not have smoke detectors. If you want to have smoke/ carbon monoxide detector (煙感知器/二酸化炭素検知器), you will have to purchase one on your own.

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