Green Okinawa (11) Bike sharing schemes in Okinawa

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Jumping on a bike just got easier thanks to new bicycle sharing schemes in Okinawa. Bicycle sharing schemes allow users to borrow bicycles from special bike stations. Users can borrow a bike from one station and return it to another. Bicycle sharing schemes have arrived recently in Japan and were part of the planning for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Bike sharing schemes help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by cars. The city-wide scheme in Barcelona saves an estimated 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year (ref).



You can find bicycle rental stations in your area and book a bike using the HELLO CYCLING online system. In Okinawa, there are two bicycle rental providers 'Cycy Okinawa' and 'Hi!Cycling' which appear in the HELLO CYCLING online system. The bicycles are electrically assisted. Find the map here (link). The map works best if you enter your local area, district, and prefecture e.g. “Tancha Onna Okinawa”, or “Nagahama Yomitan Okinawa”. Download the HELLO CYCLING app here (link).


At the time of writing, the stations in Onna village are:

  •  Hotel Monterey
  •  Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina
  •  ANA intercontinental hotel
  •  Okinawa Kariyushi beach resort
  •  Okinawa Marriott resort and spa
  •  Onna no Eki

Stations in Yomitan include

  • Grandy style Okinawa Yomitan Resort

Currently, there are no stations in Ishikawa.


Have you spotted other bicycle-sharing stations in your area? Let us know!


Docomo Bike Share / Chura Chari

There is another bicycle rental bike provider called Docomo Bike Share / Chura Chari (link) with stations in Naha and some in the American Village. There are two ways to book a bike with Docomo Cycle / Chura Chari. You can buy an IC card from a participating hotel. The IC card unlocks the bicycle and at the time of writing, it costs 2,200 Yen to borrow a bike for a whole day. You can find participating hotels or book online using the website (link). To book online, you first need to register and when you book a bicycle you will receive a passcode to unlock it. The online prices are 220 Yen for every 30 minutes and up to a maximum of 2,200 Yen for one day. 


Read this excellent blogpost on exploring Naha's shrines, city beach, etc. by bike. The blogger used the Docomo Bike Share / Chura Chari bikes.


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