Residence Card and Visa

Please contact the Relocation Team for residence card renewal and information to apply for the highly skilled visa.


Residence Card

If you are entering Japan through Narita, Haneda, Chubu, or Kansai airports, your residence card will be issued at immigration. At other ports of entry, a seal of landing verification will be stamped in your passport and the description “Residence card will be issued at a later date” will be made near the stamp. In this case, a residence card will be issued after completing the residency procedure at the local government office. The card will be delivered via registered postal mail to your residence.

For further details, please visit the immigration bureau web site:

Inability/Eligibility to Apply in Person

A parent or other relative must visit the local government office to register any children under the age of 16. Individuals of any age who cannot register in person due to illness or other physical disability may designate a spouse, child over the age of 16, parent or other relative living with them to visit the local government offices in their place.

Exempt from Residence Registration

  • Those who depart within 90 days of arrival in Japan.
  • Members, dependents, and civilian employees of the United Nation’s Forces, or US Armed Forces.
  • Individuals granted a Provisional Landing Permit.
  • Individuals granted a Port of Call Landing Permit, Landing in Transit, Landing for Crew Member, Emergency Landing, or Landing due to Disaster Permit.
  • Those with the status of residence of a diplomat or government official.
  • Those who depart within 60 days after renouncing Japanese nationality.

If you move to a different address, you must report that to the Citizens’ Affairs Section of your local government office within 14 days from the date of change. Changes in name, nationality, occupation, status of residence, period of stay, or name/location of employer, must be reported to the regional immigration office within 14 days from the date of the change.

Individuals who were under 16 years of age when they registered must apply for confirmation of their alien registration within 30 days after their 16th birthday. The procedure is the same as the initial registration.

Re-entry Permits

If you have a valid passport and a residence card and will be reentering Japan within one year of your departure to continue your activities in Japan, you will, in principle, not be required to apply for a re-entry permit (Special re-entry permit at departure.).

For further details, please visit the immigration bureau web sites:

If you wish to use a special re-entry permit, please be sure to present your residence card and check the box for “special re-entry permit” on the “embarkation card for re-entrant” at departure.

Foreign nationals who have departed from Japan on a special re-entry permit will not be able to extend that permit while abroad. Please note that such foreign nationals will lose their resident status if they fail to re-enter Japan within one year of their departure.

If you will leave Japan for more than one year and come back to Japan with the same visa, you need to obtain a re-entry permit. Leaving Japan without a re-entry permit for over one year will void your current visa.

There are two types of re-entry permits:

  • Single re-entry permit (only one time re-entry, ¥3,000)
  • Multiple re-entry permit (unlimited re-entry for 3 years or until your visa expires, whichever comes first, ¥6,000

*The Immigration office only takes revenue stamps (収入印紙 shunyu inshi) for a payment. Please purchase the stamp at a post office.

Necessary Documents:

  • Passport
  • Residence Card
  • Completed Application Form (available at the Immigration Bureau)

Permission to Engage in Activities Not Specified By Your Visa

Individuals in Japan on a dependent visa who wish to work part-time must get permission to do so. Such individuals are limited to working no more than 28 hours a week. Therefore, if your dependent wants to work full-time, he/she must obtain a working visa from his/her employer. (The employer has to sponsor the work visa application.)

Necessary Documents

  • Application Form (along with a duplicate)
  • Materials explaining the nature of the activity in which you will be engaged. For example: the contract of employment, etc.
  • Materials explaining the nature of your current activities, such as an enrollment certificate, etc.
  • Residence Card

Extension of period of stay

If you want to extend your period of stay while continuing the same activities, you must apply for an extension. Applications can be made prior to the expiry of your period of stay (from 2 months prior to expiry for people whose period of stay is 6 months or more.) The necessary documents vary depending on your residence status and period of stay. Please inquire at the regional immigration bureau.

Immigration Office

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Kadena Immigration Branch Office
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