Car Related

How to get rid of your car?

1. Sell your car

You can sell your car to a used car dealer or to an individual. It is also possible to sell the car via TIDA. Make sure to cancel your liability insurance if you purchased it. Car title transfer can be done either by yourself (but we don't recommend it since all the paper work is written in Japanese and this process can be done at Transportation office in Urasoe) or ask their company, such as car garages or insurance comapnies to do it your on behalf. It usually costs less than 4,000 JPY.

2. Junk your card

Car junk and car deregistration available at Miyagi Kaitai in Chatan. No appointment required, however if you wish to deregister the car with them, please bring your car registration paper to Resource Center so that we can contact them in advance ro proceed the junk and deregistration smoothly.