Converting a Foreign Driver's License


  • You must have an appointment with Okinawa Prefectural Police Driver's License Center before going there. Please come to the Resource Center to make an appointment.
  • You are required to take someone who can speak Japanese to the Driver's License Center. 
  • The Resource Center provides a bus tour to go to the Driver's License Center with a translator on Wednesdays and Fridays. If you want to join the bus tour to the Driver's License Center, check the details here


Necessary Documents for Document Screening

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1. The conversion might be refused if the validity period of the license is less than 30 days.
2. If the date of issue is not indicated on the license, official documents to prove the date of issue will be required.

The traslation has to be done by JAF 

*Click here to see how to get the translation from JAF

Passports are used to confirm your physical presence for 90 days along with the documents you will present. Thus, the passports must cover the period.

Your personal number MUST NOT be printed

Please check here how to get the certificate from village office

You will have to bring your resident card as well as resident certificate

You will need to provide them with at least 2 sets of documents to prove that you were staying in the country after you got your driver's license

Here are some example:

NOTE: all the documents need to be original

  • Transcript from university and Diploma
  • Employment certificate and Payslip (6months)

*Employement certificate has to mention below points

  - Workplace

  - Average working day/hour per week

Please visit Resource Center to inquire the License Center about the sufficient documents.

You can take them at the Driver's Licence Center


Entry and Exit Record
Acquisition Certificate if the license doesn’t have the date of issue on it

New Zealand

Entry and Exit Record

Red Ribbon and Official Receipt

Driving Record Certificate showing all the records since the date of issue

Driving Record Certificate in English with a photo
Korean National ID card


Chinese ID card (居民身分証)

Entery and Exit Record (出入国証明書)

信息(If you have renewd your license and you want to prove over 3 months of stay based on your previous driver's license. On 信息, 1)the first date of issue 2)The vehicle type you obtain on that day 3)Driver's license renewal date.

Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to/from Hong Kong and Macau
Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to/from Taiwan

Former U.S. military personnel, civilian personnel and their family:
DD Form 214
SOFA Driver’s license
SOFA leaving certificate (? retirement certificate?)

Official certificate from embassy or local driving school

Employment record book (CTPS)
Pay slip (total amount of working days and hours, the location  must be mentioned)

Statement of remuneration paid (T4 slip)
Passport that includes the period that’s stated on the T4 slip

Please bring this even if it is already expired

Necessary Documents Check List

Do not miss any of the required documents on the day of your document screening!

Click here to download a useful check list!


Resource Center Driver's License Center Tour

We drive OISTers to the Driver's License Center on Wednesdays and Fridays!

Resource Center staff drives you to the Driver's License Center every Wednesday and Friday and provides translation service there

  • Wednesday Tour: 8:00am - 12:00pm(approx.)
  • Friday Tour:          7:30am - 12:00pm(approx.)
☞Meeting Place/Time:
  • Wednesday Tour: In front of Jimmy's / 8:00am
  • Friday Tour:          In front of Jimmy's / 7:30am

If you are receiving a license in the afternoon, you will have to come back on your own.  (We can always provide information on public transportation between the Driver's License Center and OIST if your schedule doesn’t fit ours)

Visit the Resource Center if you want to reserve a seat for the tour


Conversion Fees

Application fee Ordinary vehicle license 2,550JPY
License issuance fee   2,050JPY
 Vehicle usage fee (for practical test) 1,450JPY


Driver's License Center Contact

Okinawa Prefectural Police Driver’s License Center
Address: 3-22 Toyosaki, Tomishiro-city, Okinawa
Tel. 098-851-1000 (ext. 553) Japanese only