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Onna-son on the main Okinawa Island is located on the central part of the west coast side. The area is 50.83 square kilometers. It is the longest and most slender village on the main Okinawa island. As one resort claims, Onna-son is the "West Coast” of the main Okinawa island.

Summary of Onna-son

    Population: 11,066 (April, 2020)
    Area: 50.83㎢ (50.8000㏊)
    Flower: Yuuna
    Tree: Fukugi

Places to Go

(1) Maeda Misaki (Cape), Blue Cave

Maeda Misaki is known as a mecca for diving and fishing. Rocks of awesome shapes line up on the up against the coral reef, and the tip of the cape is a steep cliff shaped like a saw. It is a splendid diving point where tropical fish swim in the clear, transparent sea. It is ideal for beginning divers since they can get reach the sea from shore.

(2) Manzamo

The raging waves that surge up to the cliff and the view of the emerald sea offer a magistic scene for visitors. The name “Manzamo” originated from King Shokei of the Ryukyus, who visited this land in the 18th century and praised it as “a ‘mo’, spacious enough to have all people take a seat”. “Mo” in the Ryukyuan dialect means field. As its name suggests, natural turf extends across the whole surface.

(3) Ryukyu Mura

Ryukyu Mura is an authentic re-creation of an ancient Okinawan village. Old Ryukyuan homes were brought from all over the islands and reassembled here in the village to preserve the heritage of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The park was created in the hope that this unique heritage could be shared by all who visit.

Some of the staff wear traditional Okinawan folk costumes, providing the perfect photo opportunity. Inside the village you'll find examples of Okinawan crafts on display and for sale, including bingata, pottery, and sugarcane products. These are all made using traditional methods, handed down from generation to generation. Music and dancing are also showcased throughout the day. The Sugar House still makes brown sugar the old-fashioned way with the help of a few powerful water buffalo to turn the sugarcane press.

(4) Forest Adventure

"Forest Adventure" is a high rope/zip-line course across an Okinawan forest. It originated in France. Participants climb up a tree, cross a bridge, then begin a long and exciting slide down to the ground.
You can feel at harmony with nature here.

Reservations are required. Please call in advance!
1525 Maeda, Onna-son
TEL: 098-963-0088
FAX: 098-963-0087


(5) Kenmin no mori Forest Park

This prefectural park has 181 hectors of land area and is designed as a beautiful multiple-use facility with activities such as tennis, grass skiing, hiking and camping.
2028 Afuso, Onna-son
TEL: 098-967-8092


Produce of Onna-son

Passion Fruit



Sea Grapes

Ahsa Seaweed

Mozuku Seaweed

Awamori Liquor