Go Grocery Shopping

"Go Grocery Shopping" is an initiative led by OIST Resource Centre to provide community members with information on products sold at supermarkets in Okinawa including, but not limited to: food products, daily necessities, home appliances, etc..

Grocery shopping in Okinawa can sometimes be an adventure as most of the products sold at supermarkets normally don't have descriptions in English or sometimes even in Japanese.

OIST Resource Centre will generate articles about how to distinguish laundry softeners from detergents, salt from sugar, ground beef from ground pork, etc. We will also share trivial stories about these products or products sold in Japan.

You can also share with the community your experiences in grocery shopping, your comments/requests for the upcoming articles, etc.

There are unique food products available at supermarkets in Okinawa. We will also be posting some information on what these products are made from, how to use them in cooking, recommended recipes, etc..

Hope you can also share your comments, requests, recipes, etc. to enrich your life in Okinawa even more!

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Unique food products of Okinawa/Japan:

  • What is this, and how do I use it? (1) Conjac


  • What is this, and how do I use it? (2) Abura-age


Photo credit: www.mouser.jp