OIST Facilities


OIST clinic and Health center

We aim to provide comprehensive health services to support the OIST community, including students, employees, and their family members.

OIST Clinic

  • Medical examination and treatment
  • Prescription
  • Vaccinations

Onna Campus:Lab 4, C floor (L4 C16)
Tel: (External) 098-966-3446 or ext. 23446
E-mail: clinic.appointment@oist.jp
Open: 13:00
-16:00 (Mon, Wed, Fri) Reservation required.


OIST Health Center

  • Health Consultation with occupational physician/ nurse (by appointment)
  • Health checkups and follow-up
  • First Aids
  • Local clinic/hospital information

Location: Lab 4, C floor (L4 C12)
Tel: (External) 098-966-8945 or ext. 28945
E-mail: health@oist.jp
Open:  10:00-15:00 (Mon-Fri)
**Outside of Open hours, please contact them by the above email.


Authorized OIST students, employees, their family members, and OIST guests can use the OIST Graduate University Gymnasium after completing registration. No person under the age of 18 is allowed into the facility. The gym is located on the ground level of the Village Center Building. It offers 26 pieces of assorted cardio equipment and strength training equipment.

Child Development Center

OIST Tedako Pre-School - a part of the OIST Child Development Center (CDC) offers full-day pre-school for children of OIST students and employees. For further information, please visit TIDA and search “Child Development Center”. 

Resource Center

OIST has a Resource Center located in the Village Center. The Center is open to all members of the OIST community. It provides ongoing support for staff, students, and family members who need further information about life in Okinawa or OIST, or who face challenges that may be difficult to resolve alone.

The Resource Center can be your first point of contact for any issue, such as understanding a document, contacting a Japanese establishment, finding directions to official offices, or booking a reservation or appointment. Any matter or question is welcomed, and the staff will strive to resolve them in a timely manner.

Special offers from local restaurants and businesses are also routinely available, as is information about local schools, hospitals and clinics, tourist attractions, and much more.

Any issue or question is welcomed, and the staff will strive to resolve them in a timely manner.

Resource Center Contact information:
Email: resourcecenter@oist.jp
Phone: 098-982-3540


Laundry Room

The Village Center includes a 24-hour coin laundry with washers and dryers or use by residents of the Village. Dry cleaning pickup and delivery is also available in the Village Office.


Village Office

The Village Office staff supports residents with issues related to their housing at OIST, as well as assistance with dry cleaning pickup and delivery.

Hours: 9:00-18:00 Monday through Friday.  9:00-17:00 Saturday, Sunday and national holidays with possibly limited sevice due to a sole staff stationed.
Contact: 080-6342-6500

Village Center Meeting Room

The Meeting Room in the Village Center is a multipurpose area with hardwood floors used for everything from Japanese calligraphy classes to kickboxing to birthday parties.

Village Center Lounge

With a foosball table, TV, sofa, and dart boards, the lounge is a good place to refresh and socialize. There is also a community library of used books shared by residents.

Community Kitchen

Any OIST member or their family can use the Village Center Kitchen; It is particularly suited for making big meals for parties and cultural events to bring together Village residents.

Seaside House

The multi-functional building hosts a research laboratory, and serves as a venue for international workshops and seminars. There are meeting rooms and halls which can be booked by OIST members; Chura Hall and the Seaside House Lounge and deck in particular are a popular place to host larger events on campus.

Shuttle Bus Service

OIST offers a shuttle bus service. If you use it for commuting, you must register before you start taking the bus. For further information, please contact the Building and Facilities Management Division: parking@oist.jp

OIST Rental Car

OIST offers small company cars for personal use to OIST students, employees, researchers, and faculty. Please see the site below for further details.

Using OIST Facilities

While family members are free to use many of the facilities on OIST, they are required, like other OIST members, to reserve them in advance using the Outlook Reservation System. The booking process differs slightly depending on whether you are using Windows or Mac, so please refer to the guide created by the IT section:

Regular Campus Activities

OIST Language Classes

OIST offers internal language training to OIST employees and spouses. For further details, please visit the TIDA intranet once you obtain access.

Tea Time

 Every Thursday at 4pm, OIST holds a campus teatime. Here, you can look forward to an enjoyable hour filled with free tea, coffee, delicious desserts from the Kaito Café, and fun, casual conversation with OIST members and their families. There is no reservation required, so those wishing to join can do so freely and at their convenience.


OIST holds a number of seminars on any given day, which family members as well as the OIST community are permitted to join. Information about the seminars is usually posted on TIDA and posters advertising the events are displayed around campus and in the Resource Center. Attending seminars can be a wonderful way to stay connected with the University’s mission engage in thoughtful discussions about emerging research, and learn about a variety of topics.


OIST has a number of different clubs on Campus, which help bring together people with similar interests. The clubs are diverse, ranging from dance and sporting groups, to calligraphy and film circles. Family members are permitted and encouraged to join a club on campus, or even start one of their own. To start a club, a proposal outlining the purpose of the club and its financial model must be submitted to the Recreation Services.

Family Access Cards

Resource Center issues special access cards that allow family members of OIST employees to avoid signing in each time they wish to go on campus. To obtain the family badge, please contact (Japanese or English) Resource Center < resourcecenter@oist.jp


Some hotels and other facilities on the island offer special discounts for OIST employees. Please see “OIST Discounts” for further information.