Book An Appointment for a Foreign remittance transactions at the Bank of Okinawa

The Bank of Okinawa asks that you make an appointment in advance to visit a branch for foreign remittance transactions.

Please make an appointment to visit the branch you wish to make the transaction by selecting the branch from the "Search for a Branch, ATM, or Currency Exchanger" (see link below).


※Please note that customers without reservations will be asked to visit the branch again.

※Reservations can be made from 30 days to 3 business days prior to the desired date of visit.


【Step 1 Make an Appointment to Visit a Branch】

Please make a reservation for your visit by selecting the store where you wish to make a transaction from the link. (
By making an appointment in advance, you will be able to complete your transaction smoothly and without waiting time.
When making an appointment, there are some items that need to be declared in advance regarding the details of the transaction.

【Step 2 Confirm the details of the money transfer at the branch and make a tentative reservation for the next scheduled visit (the date of the main transaction)】

The bank confirms the remittance details at the store and make a tentative reservation for the next scheduled visit (the date of the main transaction).
You will be asked to present documents confirming the transaction details and information necessary for the remittance, and the bank will ask you about the purpose of the remittance and other details.

【Step 3 Confirmation of remittance details by the relevant department of the bank, and registration of remittance information in the bank’s system】

If necessary, the department in charge will ask for additional confirmation items, request additional materials, and contact you to let you know whether we can accept your remittance or not.

【Step 4: The bank will contact you to inform you of the completion of registration and the date and time of your visit for acceptance】

If there is no change from the tentative reservation, we may skip this contact.

【Step 5 Visit our branch to make the request】

Present your personal identification documents, confirm the details of the request, sign or affix your name and seal, settle the funds to be transferred, and receive a copy of the request form and a statement of account.

【Step 6 The Bank will send the money on the next business day】

Depending on the recipient country, recipient bank, and currency, there may be cases where the remittance will go through multiple intermediary banks. The bank cannot give you a definite number of days to arrive the remitted funds, nor can it make any promises.

Please click here if you would like to confirm more details, for example, necessary documents, fees, and available currency.