Below are some popular ways people have used the Resource Center to support their daily lives and social activities. If you need any information, feel free to visit us in person, contact us via the phone, or even send an email.


Daily Life Support

1)Language Help

If you are having trouble understanding or being understood while running an errand, you may call the Resource Center for assistance.  We will support you throughout the entire process.  

*Please note that the Resource Center typically does not offer on-site support.

If you need the official translation of your document, we can provide local translator's information.

2) Administrative Assistance

Paperwork is part of life wherever you live. We offer support for the paperwork required for living in and leaving Okinawa.

3)Finding Restaurant/Making Reservation

If you are looking for a good local restaurant, we can help to find the right one for you!

We will make sure to reserve the table.

4) Information About Child Care Services

We navigate parents through various childcare services.

  • setting up meetings/visits with school administrators
  • providing information about local/international school options
  • helping to apply for child allowances
  • connecting you with local activities and family support groups

5) Credit Card application

Credit card is one of the "must have" item in our life.

We have application form for Shigaku Kyosai credit card. or if you are looking for different card, we will help you find one.


6) Rental Car Arrangement

From day-to-day rental to monthly rental, we will help you find the right car and reserve for you.

  • Inquiry to rental car dealer
  • Making Reservation

7) Selecting Mobile Phone, SIM

Mobile phone and SIM system in Japan is different with other countries.

  • Provide SIM information
  • Finding the right Career

8) Home Internet

Need internet at home? We can guide you what needs to be done.

  • Finding available providor
  • Reservation Arrangment

9) Guest Registration

If you are expecting someone to visit you as guest, here is the process you need to take 

Registration Desk

Even if the your questions are not listed above, please come see us and share your questions with us. We will help you with any kind of daily life problems!