Availability of Hosting PhD Students in Research Units

  • The list will be updated annually and/or upon a request from faculty. 
  • The Academic Year starts in September and ends in August.
  • Please note Adjunct faculty are available for co-supervision only. Students seeking this co-supervision will still be required to secure primary supervision from a full-time faculty member.
  • Please note the below information is indicative only. For already enrolled OIST PhD students, you are encouraged to contact the relevant Unit Professor to discuss the possibility of joining the lab as soon as possible.​
  • For applicants wishing to enroll in the OIST PhD program, finding placement in a thesis research lab will occur during the first year of enrollment. Therefore, when choosing Faculty of Interest, please check the lab availability one year ahead (for example, if you wish to enroll in 2022, please check the lab availability in 2023). Please note that students are accepted to the OIST program in general and will go through lab matching process before admission to any one lab.  It is important to list your Faculty of Interest, but it is not necessary to contact faculty to get their approval or support prior to applying.
Name Status Unit Academic Year 2022 Academic Year 2023 Academic Year 2024
ABDULLA, Ugur Full-time Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Unit Yes Yes Yes
ARMITAGE, David Full-time Integrative Community Ecology Unit Yes Yes Yes
BANDI, Mahesh Full-time Nonlinear and Non-equilibrium Physics Unit Yes Yes Yes
BOURGUIGNON, Thomas Full-time Evolutionary Genomics Unit Yes Yes Yes
BUSCH, Thomas Full-time Quantum Systems Unit Yes Yes Yes
CHAKRABORTY, Pinaki Full-time Fluid Mechanics Unit Yes Yes Yes
CID, Carlos Adjunct Applied Cryptography Unit

(Co-Supervision only)

(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
DANI, Keshav Full-time Femtosecond Spectroscopy Unit Yes Yes Yes
DE SCHUTTER, Erik Full-time Computational Neuroscience Unit Yes Yes Yes
DIECKMANN, Ulf Full-time Complexity Science and Evolution Unit Yes Yes Yes
DOYA, Kenji Full-time Neural Computation Unit Yes Yes Yes
ECONOMO, Evan P Full-time Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit Yes Yes Yes
EKERT, Artur Adjunct Quantum Information Security Unit TBD TBD TBD
ELKOUSS, David Transitional Associate Professor Networked Quantum Devices Unit Yes Yes Yes
FEICHTNER-KOZLOV, Dmitry Adjunct Applied Topology Unit Yes
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
FENG, Yejun Full-time Electronic and Quantum Magnetism Unit Yes Yes Yes
FRIED, Eliot Full-time Mathematics, Mechanics, and Materials Unit Yes Yes Yes
FROESE, Tom Full-time Embodied Cognitive Science Unit No No TBD
FUKAI, Tomoki Full-time Neural Coding and Brain Computing Unit Yes No No
FUKUNAGA, Izumi Full-time Sensory and Behavioural Neuroscience Unit No No TBD
GIOIA, Gustavo Full-time Continuum Physics Unit Yes Yes Yes
GODA, Yukiko Transitional Professor Synapse Biology Unit Yes Yes Yes
GORYANIN, Igor Adjunct Biological Systems Unit Yes
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
HIKAMI, Shinobu Full-time Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Unit No No No
HOEHN, Philipp Full-time Qubits and Spacetime Unit Yes Yes Yes
HUSNIK, Filip Full-time Evolution, Cell Biology, and Symbiosis Unit Yes Yes Yes
ISHIKAWA, Hiroki Full-time Immune Signal Unit Yes Yes Yes
KABE, Ryota Full-time Organic Optoelectronics Unit Yes Yes Yes
KHAN, Emtiyaz External (RIKEN) Approximate Bayesian Inference Team Yes Yes Yes
KHUSNUTDINOVA, Julia Full-time Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis Unit Yes Yes Yes
KITANO, Hiroaki Adjunct Integrated Open Systems Unit Yes
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
KIYOMITSU, Tomomi Full-time Cell Division Dynamics Unit Yes Yes Yes
KONDRASHOV, Fyodor Full-time Evolutionary and Synthetic Biology Unit Yes Yes Yes
KONO, Keiko Full-time Membranology Unit No Yes Yes
KONSTANTINOV, Denis Full-time Quantum Dynamics Unit Yes Yes Yes
KUHN, Bernd Full-time Optical Neuroimaging Unit Yes Yes Yes
KUSUMI, Akihiro Full-time Membrane Cooperativity Unit No No TBD
LAUDET, Vincent Full-time Marine Eco-Evo-Devo Unit Yes Yes Yes
LAURINO, Paola Full-time Protein Engineering and Evolution Unit Yes Yes Yes
LIU, Qing Transitional Geometric Partial Differential Equations Unit Yes Yes Yes
LUSCOMBE, Christine Full-time pi-Conjugated Polymers Unit Yes Yes Yes
LUSCOMBE, Nicholas Full-time Genomics and Regulatory Systems Unit Yes Yes Yes
MARUYAMA, Ichiro Full-time Information Processing Biology Unit No No No
MASAI, Ichiro Full-time Developmental Neurobiology Unit Yes Yes Yes
MEITINGER, Franz Transitional Assistant Professor Cell Proliferation and Gene Editing Unit Yes Yes Yes
MILLER, Jonathan Full-time Physics and Biology Unit Yes Yes Yes
MITARAI, Satoshi Full-time Marine Biophysics Unit Yes Yes Yes
MYERS, Gene Adjunct Algorithms for Eco And Evo Genomics Unit No TBD TBD
NARITA, Akimitsu Full-time Organic and Carbon Nanomaterials Unit  No No No
NEIMAN, Yasha Full-time Quantum Gravity Unit No No No
NIC CHORMAIC, Sile Full-time Light-Matter Interactions for Quantum Technologies Unit Yes Yes Yes
NEMOTO, Kae Transitional Quantum Information Science and Technology Unit Yes Yes Yes
OKADA, Yoshinori Full-time Quantum Materials Science Unit Yes Yes Yes
PAABO, Svante Adjunct Yes
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
PIGOLOTTI, Simone Full-time Biological Complexity Unit Yes Yes Yes
QI, Yabing Full-time Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit Yes Yes Yes
RAVASI, Timothy Full-time Marine Climate Change Unit No No Yes
REITER, Sam Full-time Computational Neuroethology Unit Yes Yes Yes
ROKHSAR, Daniel Adjunct Molecular Genetics Unit Yes
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
ROSTI, Marco Full-time Complex Fluids and Flows Unit Yes Yes Yes
SALLAN, Lauren Transitional Assistant Professor Marine Macroevolution Unit Yes Yes Yes
SATOH, Noriyuki Full-time Marine Genomics Unit No No No
SAZE, Hidetoshi Full-time Plant Epigenetics Unit Yes Yes Yes
SHANNON, Nic Full-time Theory of Quantum Matter Unit Yes Yes Yes
SHEN, Amy Full-time Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit Yes Yes Yes
SHINTAKE, Tsumoru Full-time Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit No No No
SKOGLUND, Ulf Full-time Structural Cellular Biology Unit No No No
SPEYER, Liron Full-time Representation Theory and Algebraic Combinatorics Unit No No No
STEPHENS, Greg Adjunct Biological Physics Theory Unit Yes
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)
(Co-Supervision only)


Full-time Experimental Quantum Information Physics Yes Yes Yes
TAKAHASHI, Tomoyuki Full-time Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function Unit Yes No No
TANAKA, Fujie Full-time Chemistry and Chemical Bioengineering Unit Yes Yes Yes
TANAKA, Kazumasa Full-time Memory Research Unit No No No
TANI, Jun Full-time Cognitive Neurorobotics Research Unit Yes Yes No
TERENZIO, Marco Full-time Molecular Neuroscience Unit No No Yes
TORIUMI, Reiko Full-time Gravity, Quantum Geometry and Field Theory Unit Yes Yes Yes
TOUBER, Emile Full-time Shocks, Solitons and Turbulence Unit Yes Yes Yes
TRIPP, Gail Full-time Human Developmental Neurobiology Unit Yes Yes Yes
TWAMLEY, Jason Full-time Quantum Machines Unit Yes Yes Yes
UUSISAARI, Marylka Yoe Full-time Neuronal Rhythms in Movement Unit No Yes Yes
WATANABE, Hiroshi Full-time Evolutionary Neurobiology Unit Yes Yes Yes
WICKENS, Jeff Full-time Neurobiology Research Unit Yes Yes TBD
WOLF, Matthias Full-time Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy Unit Yes Yes No
YAMAMOTO, Tadashi Full-time Cell Signal Unit No No No
YANAGIDA, Mitsuhiro Full-time G0 Cell Unit No No No
YAZAKI-SUGIYAMA, Yoko Full-time Neuronal Mechanism for Critical Period Unit Yes Yes Yes
YOKOBAYASHI, Yohei Full-time Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering Unit Yes Yes Yes
YOSHIDA, Yutaka Transitional Professor Neural Circuit Unit No Yes Yes
ZHANG, Ye Full-time Bioinspired Soft Matter Unit No No No
ZHOU, Xiaodan Full-time Analysis on Metric Spaces Unit Yes Yes Yes

Last Updated: 2022/06/27