Developmental Neurobiology Unit (Ichiro Masai)

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Developmental Neurobiology Unit

Professor Ichiro Masai

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Vertebrate retina is derived from the ventral region of forebrain. In this region, six major classes of retinal neurons differentiate and form neural circuit responsible for vision. Thus, the retina provides a good model for studying cell differentiation and neural circuit formation. Using zebrafish as an animal model, we have investigated following topics:

  1. Mechanisms that regulate retinal neurogenesis and neural circuit formation
  2. Mechanisms that regulate retinal cell death including photoreceptor degeneration
  3. Mechanisms that regulate lens fiber differentiation

From 1998 to 2004, we performed large-scale mutagenesis using zebrafish, and isolated more than 300 zebrafish mutants showing defects in retinal and lens development. These mutant defects are classified into different categories: neurogenesis, neuronal differentiation, neural circuit formation, retinal cell death, including photoreceptor degeneration, and lens fiber differentiation. We initially focused on mechanisms that regulate retinal neurogenesis. From 2004, we started to study mechanisms underlying retinal cell death, including photoreceptor degeneration. From 2006, when my lab moved from RIKEN to OIST, we started to investigate mechanisms that regulate lens fiber differentiation. Throughout these research projects, we have established concepts that govern development of multicellular organisms and contribute to understanding pathological processes involved in human eye diseases. 



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