Qubits and Spacetime Unit (Philipp Höhn)

The challenge of quantum gravity is to build a theory valid over all the scales down to the minuscule
Planck scale, which explains how the known operational physics of general relativity and quantum (field) theory emerge from it. This deep challenge is the main impetus of the research efforts of the Qubits and Spacetime Unit, which reside at the interface of quantum gravity, quantum information and foundations.

The focus of our research does not lie on approach-specific problems, but on generic challenges, which many approaches to quantum gravity will have to face up to and which have implications and relevance also in other areas of physics. The idea is to develop concepts, tools and methodology, which will be useful for various approaches to quantum gravity and beyond, e.g., in many-body physics and quantum information and foundations.

More details to come as unit members are added and lab space is established leading up to June 2020.