Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis Unit (Julia Khusnutdinova)

From left to right: Janet, Eugene (STG), Kyoko, Tomas (Kuhn group), Richa, Aleksandr, Pavan, Julia, Hoan, Dilip, Govind, Huy, Ayumu, Dasha, Mitsuyuki, Serhii (RSD, X-ray crystallographer)

Our group is interested in developing transition metal complexes with modular properties controlled through ligand design (photoluminescent properties, redox reactivity). Eventually, we plan to use these properties in the design of new stimuli-responsive polymers.

We also work on developing homogeneous catalysts based on earth-abundant metals to develop cost-efficient and environmentally benign transformations.

A significant part of our research efforts is also dedicated to studying multimetallic or metal/main group element complexes for cooperative bond activation and catalysis.

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