Quantum Dynamics Unit (Denis Konstantinov)

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Denis Konstantinov

Quantum Dynamics Unit

Associate Professor Denis Konstantinov

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Study of quantum ensembles and their application for quantum technologies

Classical light-matter interaction has been subject of physics since nineteen century when Maxwell equations were formulated. On the opposite side, interaction between quantized electromagnetic waves and a single quantum object has being actively studied only in past decades advancing our understanding of quantum laws of nature (e.g. 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics "for ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring & manipulation of individual quantum systems") and paving the road for development of quantum technologies. In the middle of this there is a subject of interaction of electromagnetic waves with a collection of quantum particles, an exciting field where boundaries between classical and quantum physics can be fully explored. The regime of strong light-matter interaction realized in resonant cavities can lead to many new avenues and have a direct and strong impact on development of new elements for future quantum technologies (e.g. hybrid quantum systems, quantum processors and memories, etc.)

In Quantum Dynamics Unit, we explore many-particle quantum systems interacting with electromagnetic waves to discover new quantum phenomena and, where applicable, harness them for quantum technologies. Electrons on liquid helium provide an excellent experimental platform to investigate quantum many-body physics and explore new exotic states of matter. Our current work is focused on novel photo-transport phenomena,collective coupling of electron ensembles to cavity modes, electron crystals, as well as spin resonance and potential application of electrons for spin qubits. Coupled electron-nuclear spin ensembles in crystalline solids is another topic of our research. Finally, we investigate impurity spins in diamond for possibility to use them for quantum memory, microwave-optical photon quantum transducers, and other hybrid quantum systems applications. 



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