Nonlinear and Non-equilibrium Physics Unit (Mahesh Bandi)

Nonlinear and Non-equilibrium Physics Unit

Associate Professor Mahesh Bandi

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We are generally interested in any phenomenon out there that we do not understand or lack a systematic way to think about. Our general scientific approach falls within Condensed Matter Physics as a whole, but our core expertise lies in Nonlinear Dynamics, Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, and Soft Matter Physics. We work mostly at the experimental level, but also make occasional numerical, and theoretical excursions. Our work regularly intersects with Applied Mathematics, Mechanics, Quantitative Life Sciences, Engineering and we are always looking to expand the scope of that intersection to domains beyond.

In recent times we have been busy studying fluids (interfacial flows and turbulence), problems related to substainability and renewable energy (fluctuations in wind and solar photovoltaics, carbon geo-sequestration), amorphous media (granular materials and aggregates), and quantitative problems in the life sciences (fungal spore ejection, biomechanics of human feet & fish fins, elastohydrodynamics of red blood cells, and bird song prosody etc.). We are updating our group webpages (research section in particular) over the remainder of 2018 in the earnest hope that you will find something interesting as you peruse through them at your convenience.

Our research is supported by:

            Human Frontier Science Program                                                                 OIST Graduate University