Marine Biophysics Unit (Satoshi Mitarai)

Research Goals

The main objective of Marine Biophysics Unit is to understand the role of ocean turbulence in regulating biological and chemical processes at spatial scales varying from a cm for individuals to hundreds of kilometers for coastal circulation processes and its consequences for population structure and dynamics of marine ecosystems. These studies entail investigations of larval dispersal via coastal eddies and the role of dispersal in structuring nearshore marine populations, understanding spatial distributions of marine microbes and their role in driving population dynamics of higher organisms, and understanding the influence of small-scale isotropic turbulence on feeding and mating of zooplankton and fertilization success of broadcast spawning corals. Integrating physical oceanography, biological oceanography, chemical oceanography, and fluid dynamics, we contribute to a new interdisciplinary field in the marine sciences.

Latest Posts

  • Deep Sea Biology Symposium 2018

    Mitarai Unit members attend the Deep-Sea Biology Symposium 2018 in Monteray, California.

  • ACPRS 2018

    Mitarai Unit members present at the Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (ACPRS2018)

  • Akiko's Baby Shower

    Mitarai Unit members organize a suprise baby shower for the Research Unit Administrator, Akiko.

    With plenty of cake and decorations we say a temporary farewell to Akiko before she goes on maternity leave.

    Fortunately we wont be so lost without her as her replacement, Masako, is on hand to support our research.

    You'll be missed Akiko.