Protein Engineering and Evolution (Paola Laurino)

News & Highlights

  • Feb 29th: congratulations to Yusran Abdillah Muthahari for being awarded the early-career Kakenhi grant!
  • Feb 13th: Congratulations to ⁨Ale Bevilacqua⁩ who received the Young scientist fellowship to attend the annual FEBS conference!
  • Jan 9th: Welcome to Baha who joined our lab for rotation!
  • Nov 6th: we kick off our first mini-symposium in person at OIST!
  • Oct 25th: Amy and Ale won the talks-competition Blitz at OIST !!
  • Sept 27th: Congratulations to Dan who was awarded the JSPS doctoral fellowship, the first of a long series in our lab!!!

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Research Overview

Our research applies chemical approaches and protein engineering to study and manipulate protein functions. We are interested in exploring the evolution of cofactors/substrates and their binding proteins, and generating artificial enzymes. We would like to apply synthetic biology tools for triggering cellular responses and studying metabolic pathways, and to explore challenging chemical transformations.

If you are interested in exciting research at the interface between biochemistry, molecular biology, organic chemistry and bioinformatics please contact us (

We are looking for a Postdoc fellow to join the lab, if interested pls contact 

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