List of Courses (with information on prerequisites)

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The course schedule may change every year.  Please check the timetable for the latest information.

Course Title Type Prerequisite Term Credits Time Location Course Coordinator
A101 Adaptive Systems Elective B31, B32 3 (T2 for AY2022) 2 Tue/Thu 13:00-15:00 L4E45 Professor Kenji Doya
A102 Mathematical Methods of Natural Sciences Elective Calculus eg: A104 2 (not offered AY2022) 2     Professor Jonathan Miller
A103 Stochastic Processes and Applications Elective Calculus, probability, and Python 3 2

Tue/Thu  10:00-12:00 

B700 Professor Simone Pigolotti
A104 Vector and Tensor Calculus Elective Multivariate calculus and linear algebra 1 2

Mon/Wed 9:00-11:00

B700 Professor Eliot Fried
A105 Nonlinear Waves: Theory and Simulations Elective Mathematics for engineers and physicists 2 2 Mon/Wed 10:00-12:00 B700 Professor Emile Touber
A106 Computational Mechanics Elective Partial differential equations and Python or MATLAB 3 2 Thu/Fri 13:00-15:00 B700 Professor Marco Rosti
A107 Lie Algebras Elective  Competent at math proofs 1
(alternate years course: AY2022, AY2024)
2 Mon/Wed 13:00-15:00 L4E26 Professor Liron Speyer
A108 Partial Differential Equations Elective Single-variable and multi-variable calculus, Linear algebra, Real analysis 3 2     Professor Qing Liu
A110 Measure Theory and Integration Elective B36 recommended 1 (alternate years course, AY2023, AY2025) 2     Professor Xiaodan Zhou
A203 Advanced Optics Elective   2
(alternate years course: AY2022, AY2024)
2 Tue 9:30-11:30, 16:00-18:00, Wed 9:30-11:30, 13:00-17:00, Thu 9:00-10:00 B712 / B507(Wed PM) Professor Sile Nic Chormaic
A205 Quantum Field Theory Elective Quantum Mechanics and B11 3 2 Wed    13:00-15:00 B714a Professor Shinobu Hikami
A208 Bioorganic Chemistry Elective   2 2 Tue 14:00-17:00, Thu 15:00-17:00 B715 Professor Fujie Tanaka
A209 Ultrafast Spectroscopy Elective   3 2 Tue/Thu 13:00-15:00 L4F15(Tue) B507 (Thu) Professor Keshav Dani
A210 Advanced Quantum Mechanics Elective Quantum Mechanics 2
(alternate years course: AY2022, AY2024)
2 Mon/Thu 10:00-12:00, Fri 9:00-10:00 B712(Mon) B700(Thu/Fri) Professor Thomas Busch
A211 Advances in Atomic Physics for Quantum Technologies Elective  
(alternate years course, AY2023, AY2025)

Tue    10:00-12:00,17:00-18:00

Wed    10:00-12:00,13:00-18:00

B702 (Tue/Wed AM)

B705a   (Tue PM)

B703    (Wed PM)

Professor Sile Nic Chormaic
A212 Microfluidics Elective B13 3 2 Mon/Wed 13:00-15:00 B711 Professor Amy Shen
A213 Inorganic Electrochemistry Elective   1 2 Mon 13:00-15:00, Wed 13:00-17:00 B712 (Mon) B506 (Wed) Professor Julia Khusnutdinova
A214 Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering Elective   2 2 Mon 13:00-15:00, Thu 10:00-12:00 B712 Professor Yohei Yokobayashi
A218 Condensed Matter Physics Elective Quantum Mechanics, Statistics 2 2 Tue/Thu 13:00-15:00 B711 Professor Yejun Feng
A219 General Relativity Elective Maxwells equations, linear algebra 1
(alternate years course, AY2023, AY2025)
2     Professor Yasha Neiman
A220 New Enzymes by Directed Evolution (Laboratory course) Elective Undergraduate biochemistry or molecular biology 1 2 Mon/Tue 13:00-17:30 B506 Professor Paola Laurino
A221 Relativistic Mechanics and Classical Field Theory Elective Maxwells equations, quantum mechanics 1
(alternate years course: AY2022, AY2024)
2 Tue 13:00-15:00, Thu 10:00-12:00 B700 Professor Yasha Neiman
A223 Quantum Materials Science Elective Undergraduate level of condensed matter physics 3 2 Tue/Thu 15:00-17:00 B712 Professor Yoshinori Okada
A224 The Earth System Elective Calculus and coding 3 2 Mon/Wed 9:30-11:00 L4E01 Professor Satoshi Mitarai
A225 Statistical Mechanics, Critical Phenomena and Renormalization Group Elective Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics to advanced undergraduate level. 1 (T3 for AY2022) 2     Professor Reiko Toriumi
A226 Synthetic Chemistry for Carbon Nanomaterials Elective General chemistry, Advanced organic chemistry 3 2 Tue/Thu 15:00-17:00 A226 Professor Akimitsu Narita
A227 Quantum Engineering – Simulation and Design Elective Quantum Mechanics, Cavity QED, Python 3 2 Mon/Thu 15:00-17:00 L4E01 Professor Jason Twamley
A228 Quantum Many-body Physics Elective Quantum Mechanics and ideally Advanced Quantum Theory. 1 2 Mon/Fri 10:00-12:00 L4F15 Professor Philipp Höhn
A229 Statistical Fluctations and Elements of Physical Kinetics Elective B12 Statistical Physics  or
A225 Statistical Mechanics
3 (T2 for AY2022) 2 Wed/Thu 10:00-12:00 L4E01 Professor Denis Konstantinov
A230 Quantum Optics for Qubits Elective Undergrad-level of quantum mechanics, linear algebra 3 2     Professor Hiroki Takahashi

Ultracold Quantum Gases

Elective Quantum Mechanics 2
(alternate years course, AY2023, AY2025)
2     Professor Thomas Busch
A303 Developmental Biology Elective   2 2 Wed/Fri 10:00-12:00

Unit lab (Wed)
B711 (Fri)

Professor Ichiro Masai
A304 Evolutionary Developmental Biology Elective   3 2 Wed      10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00 B711 (AM) B712 (PM) Professor Noriyuki Satoh
A306 Neuroethology Elective  neuroscience background required 1 (T2 for AY2022) 2 Tue 9:00-12:00 B700 Professor Yoko
A307 Molecular Oncology and Cell Signaling Elective   2 2 Wed 10:00-12:00, 13:00-14:00 B715 Professor Tadashi Yamamoto
A308 Epigenetics Elective   3 2

Mon    13:00-15:00

Fri      10:00-12:00

B506 (Mon)

B700 (Fri)

Professor Hidetoshi Saze
A310 Computational Neuroscience Elective neuroscience background, coding required 2 2 Mon 15:00-17:00, Thu 16:00-17:00 B711 Professor Erik De Schutter
A312 Sensory Systems Elective  B05 desirable 3 2 Tue/Thu 10:00-12:00 L4E45 Professor Izumi Fukunaga
A313 Cognitive Neurorobotics Elective Basic calculus of vectors and matrices, diff equations. Python, C or C++  1 2 Mon/Wed 10:00-12:00 B711 Professor Jun Tani
A314 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory I Elective  neuroscience background, plus one more basic neuro course 3 2

Mon    15:00-16:00

Wed    13:00-17:30

B711 (Mon)

B506 (Wed)

Professor Jeff Wickens
A315 Quantitative Approaches to Studying Naturalistic Animal Behavior Elective   3 2 Tue/Thu 10:00-12:00 B711 Professor Sam Reiter
A316 Neuronal Molecular Signaling Elective   3 2

Mon    15:00-17:00

Thu    10:00-12:00

B712 Professor Marco Terenzio
A318 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory II Elective  Neuroscience background 3 2 Tue/Fri 13:00-15:00 B711 Professor Kazumasa Tanaka
A319 Microbial Evolution and Cell Biology Elective B27, B23 1 2 Thu 13:00-17:00, Fri 10:00-12:00 Unit Lab (Thu), B711(Fri) Professor Filip Husnik
A409 Electron Microscopy Elective   3 2

Mon      9:00-12:00

Tue    14:00-17:00

B712 (Mon)

B714b (Tue)

Professor Matthias Wolf
B05 Cellular Neurobiology Elective   1 2 Tue 10:00-17:00 B715 (AM) Unit Lab (PM) Professor Tomoyuki Takahashi
B08 Physics for Life Sciences Elective   2 2 Mon 9:00-12:00, Tue 10:00-12:00 L4E01 Professor Bernd Kuhn
B10 Analytical Mechanics Elective   3 (not offered in AY2022/23) 2

Mon/Wed 13:00-15:00

B714a Professor Mahesh Bandi
B11 Classical Electrodynamics Elective   2 2 Wed 10:00-12:00, 13:00-14:00 B711 Professor Tsumoru Shintake
B12 Statistical Physics Elective   2 (T1 for AY2022) 2 Tue 10:00-12:00 Thu/Fri 9:00-10:00

Tue L4F01 Thu/Fri L4E48

Professor Nic Shannon
B13 Theoretical and Applied Fluid Mechanics Elective A104 2 Mon/Thu 15:00-17:00 B700 Professor Pinaki Chakraborty
B14 Theoretical and Applied Solid Mechanics  Elective   3 2 Mon/Wed 15:00-17:00 B700 Professor Gustavo Gioia
B15 Immunology Elective   3 2

Tue    15:00-17:00

Thu    13:00-15:00

B711 Professor Hiroki Ishikawa
B20 Introductory Evolutionary Developmental Biology Elective   2 2 Tue 13:00-15:00, Fri 10:00-12:00 B712/B506 Professor Hiroshi Watanabe
B21 Biophysics of Cellular Membranes Elective   3 2

Mon    13:00-15:00

Wed    10:00-12:00

B700 Professor Akihiro Kusumi
B22 Computational Methods Elective   1 (AY2022 only) 2 Tue 13:00-15:00   Fri  10:00-12:00 L4E45 Professor Kenji Doya
B23 Molecular Evolution Elective   3 2 Wed/Thu 15:00-17:00 B711 Professor Tom Bourguignon
B24 Neural Dynamics of Movement Elective    1 2 Thu/Fri 13:00-15:00 B700 Professor Yoe Uusisaari
B27 Molecular Biology
of the Cell
Elective   1 2 Wed/Fri 13:00-15:00 B711 Professor Keiko Kono
B29 Linear Algebra Elective   1
(alternate years course, AY2023, AY2025)
2     Professor Liron Speyer
B30 Surface Sciences Elective   2 Mon 10:00-12:00, Tue 9:00-10:00 B711 Professor Yabing Qi
B31 Statistical Tests Elective   2 (weeks 1-6) 1 Tue/Wed 15:00-17:00 B700 Professor Tomoki Fukai
B32 Statistical Modeling Elective   2 (weeks 7-13) 1 Tue/Wed 15:00-17:00 B700 Professor Tomoki Fukai
B33 Organic Photonics and Electronics Elective   1
2 Thu 13:00-17:00 Unit Lab Professor Ryota Kabe
B34 Coral Reef Ecology and Biology Elective   3 2 Tue/Thu 10:00-12:00 L4E01 Professor Tim Ravasi
B35 Genetics and Modern Genetic Technologies Elective   1 2 Tue/Thu 10:00-12:00 B711 Professor Tomomi Kiyomitsu
B36 Introduction to Real Analysis Elective Single-variable calculus 1 (alternate years course: AY2022 and AY2024) 2 Mon/Wed 15:00-17:00 B712 Professor Xiaodan Zhou
B37 Introduction to Embodied Cognitive Science Elective   2 Tue/Thu 10:00-12:00 B712 Professor Tom Froese
B38 Human Subjects Research: A Primer Elective   1 2 Tue/Wed 15:00-17:00 L4E01 Professor Gail Tripp
B40 Introduction to Polymer Science Elective   1 2 Mon 10:00-12:00, Wed 13:00-15:00 B715 Professor Christine Luscombe
B41 Fundamentals of Ecology Elective   1 2 Mon/Wed 9:00-10:30, Fri 9:00-10:00 B712 Professor David Armitage
B42 The Diversity of Fish Elective   1 2 Mon/Wed 15:00-17:00 B711 Professor Vincent Laudet
B43 Fundamentals of Evolution Elective   2 (not offered in AY2022) 2 Tue/Thu 10:00-12:00 B715 Professor Evan Economo
IND Independent Study:
Directed Study
Elective   All 1     Dean of the
Graduate School
INO Independent Study: Online Course with Credit Transfer Elective   All 1     Dean of the
Graduate School
SPT Special Topics Elective   All 1     Dean of the
Graduate School
IWS International Workshop Participation Elective   All 1     Dean of the
Graduate School
ROT Laboratory Rotations Mandatory   All 3     OIST Faculty
PRO Thesis Proposal Mandatory   All 3     OIST Faculty
PCD1 Professional Development I Mandatory   All 2     Dean of the
Graduate School
PCD2 Professional Development II Mandatory   All 2     Dean of the
Graduate School
PD3 English for Science and Technology Optional   All 1 **     Dean of the
Graduate School
PD4 Essential Japanese for Foreign Researchers Optional   All 1 **     Dean of the
Graduate School
PD5 Laboratory Experience Optional   All 1 **     Dean of the
Graduate School

** Optional courses PD3, PD4, and PD5 may be taken only as part of the pre-enrollment Gap Program.  Credits for these optional courses are not counted towards your final balance of required credits.