Machine Learning and Data Science (MLDS) Unit

In the machine learning and data science (MLDS) unit, we focus on developing fundamental machine learning algorithms and solving important scientific problems using machine learning. We are currently interested in statistical modeling for high-dimensional data including kernel and deep learning models and geometric machine learning algorithms, including graph neural networks (GNN) and optimal transport problems. In addition to developing ML models, we focus on developing new machine learning methods to automatically find a new scientific discoveries from data.


Jan/21st/2023 Two papers are accepted from the MLDS unit by ICLR 2023
Jan/20th/2023 One paper is accepted from the MLDS unit by AISTATS 2023
Jan/12th/2023 The deadline for the MLDS VRS program was passed. Thank you for applying to the program! We are now working for the selection. So, please wait a moment. 
Dec/21st/2022 The lecture video of Prof. Arora are now available here!
Dec/6th/2022 Thank you for applying to the MLDS VRS program! We will contact potential interview candidates after the deadline (2023/Jan/10th). Thanks!
Nov/1st/2022 We will start OIST MLDS visiting research scholar program in 2023!