Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit (Yabing Qi)

Investigation on Energy Materials and Devices by Surface Science and Advanced Material Characterization

Challenges associated with energy supply and global warming have raised public awareness of the need to develop alternative “green” energy sources. Substantial research effort has been directed towards efficient and cost-effective energy harvesting devices. Studies have shown that surfaces and interfaces are of paramount importance in such devices. Members of the Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit investigate relevant surfaces and interfaces in these devices with advanced material characterization techniques, including scanning probe microscopy, photoemission spectroscopy, charge transport measurements, electron microscopy, and optical techniques. The ultimate goal is two-fold: (1) fundamental understanding of structure-property relationship in energy materials; and (2) development of innovative methodology and instrumentation for next-generation energy harvesting and storage devices based on the findings obtained in (1). See News, Research, Publications, Annual Reports, and Research Results Gallery.

Research Focus

  • Perovskite solar cells
  • Organic electronics
  • Structure-property relationships in organic and inorganic materials

Dr. Qi

Dr. Yabing Qi (戚亚冰)
Email: Yabing.Qi at

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Postdoc positions available (More Information):

  1. Li-ion battery;
  2. Perovskite LEDs;
  3. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy.


October 3 - 5, 2012
International Symposium on Organic Electronics

January 25 - 29, 2016
International Symposium on Functional Materials

November 27 - December 2, 2016
2016 MRS Fall Meeting - Symposium ES3, “Perovskite Solar Cell Research from Material Properties to Photovoltaic Function”

April 17 - 21, 2017
2017 MRS Spring Meeting - Symposium ES1, “Perovskite Solar Cells—Towards Commercialization” (Call for Papers)

November 26 - December 1, 2017
2017 MRS Fall Meeting - Symposium ES1, “Perovskite Materials and Devices—Progress and Challenges” (Call for Papers)

January 22 - 26, 2018
International Symposium on Energy Science and Technology

April 2 - 6, 2018
2018 MRS Spring Meeting - Symposium EN02, “Advances in Perovskite Solar Cell Devices and Applications” (Call for Papers)

Febuary 24 - 28, 2020
International Symposium on Sustainable Energy and Development

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