Networked Quantum Devices Unit (David Elkouss)

Entanglement enables qualitative advantages in cryptographic, computation, and sensing applications with respect to classical communications. Therefore, the quantum Internet, a global quantum network capable of distributing entanglement between any two points on Earth, bears the promise to disrupt society in the same way that the internet we know has transformed our lives over the past decades. Today, we are still far from fulfilling the promise.

Rapid experimental progress has enabled proof-of-principle demonstrations of the power of quantum networks. However, many challenges remain to scale these first demonstrations. In particular, the implementation of quantum communication tasks such as quantum key distribution over large distances requires the development of robust mechanisms to distribute entanglement in the presence of noisy hardware. Furthermore, comparing different solutions, optimizing over complex parameter spaces, and informing experiments, will require benchmarking tools evaluating the performance of concrete quantum network scenarios.

The ambition of NetQ, the networked quantum devices unit, is to develop the necessary theoretical tools such as novel error correction mechanisms as well as insights into the fundamental limitations, cryptographic protocols, or simulation algorithms that will enable near-term proof of principle demonstrations of quantum networks and their applications.

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