Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit (Tsumoru Shintake)


Welcome to the website of the Quantum Wave Microscopy research unit, led by Prof. Tsumoru Shintake.  We have 2 major research themes in our unit, in electron microscopy and ocean energy fields.

For electron microscopy, we are engaged in various projects which develop and apply novel electron microscopy, holography and diffraction techniques.

In the case of ocean energy, we are intensively developing new technologies for harvesting energy from breaking waves at the shoreline.  

An overview of our active projects is included below.

Electron microscope hardware development

For applications in single particle bio-imaging and organic crystal nanodiffraction

Graphene(Ox) & cryoEM

We are exploring the use of graphene and derivatives to improve cryoEM specimen preparation

Electron holography of crystalline materials

e.g. electric field mapping in II-VI compound semiconductor CdTe materials and devices

Spin ice

Holographic imaging and simulation of magnetic monopole-like excitaions in a type of spin system known as spin ice

Further details on microscopy research are included here.

Renewable energy

Sustainable energy technologies will be critical to maintain strong economic growth and security in the future. We study for efficient energy extraction from the ocean waves.

Further details on ocean energy field are included here.