Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit (Amy Shen)

Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit was established in July 2014 when Amy Shen moved from University of Washington, USA. While continuing existing research activities in Microfluidics and Rheology, several new interdisciplinary research projects have been initiated, in collaboration with other research units at OIST and outside OIST. Currently we have two core areas in the unit: one focuses on the fundamental aspects of micro- and nanofluidic flows (e.g., fluid mechancis, soft matter physics, rheology); another focuses on biotechnology, nanotechnology and healthcare applications related to micro- and nanofluidic flows (e.g., bioassays, biosensing, bio and nanomaterials synthesis).

Our unit members have unique and complementary expertise in fluid mechanics, soft matter physics, biomedical and chemical engineering, materials science, polymer/physical chemistry. Our group is truly international and diverse, as we come from Japan, USA, UK, Italy, France, India, Israel, Korea, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia. More information about our unit can be found here.  Connect with us via our unit twitter account!

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