Complex Fluids and Flows Unit (Marco Edoardo Rosti)

The unit research is in the area of fluid dynamics, with particular emphasis on the study of complex fluids and complex flows by numerical simulations including multiphase flows, turbulent flows, Non-Newtonian fluids and interaction of flows with complex boundaries, i.e. fluid-solid interaction. The challenge of such problems is dual: their truly multi-scale nature, i.e. the need to accurately capture the interplay between micro and macroscales, and their multi-physics nature, with fluid dynamics coupled with structure dynamics, thermodynamics, phase change... Independently of the flow scenery under study, the research goal is the understanding of the basic phenomena that govern the flows and their application in more realistic scenarios. Thus, the research usually targets also practical ways to control the flows. Working at the interface between fundamental research and engineering applications can yield substantial technological improvement based on better understanding of the dominant physical phenomena.


Latest News & Events

2023-04-13 - New paper published in Nature Physics.

2023-03-15 - New paper published in Science Advances.

2023-01-23 - New paper published in Scientific Reports.

2022-11-10 - Recent paper published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics is among the most read of the journal.

2022-10-24 - New paper published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics as Rapids.