Experimental Quantum Information Physics (Hiroki Takahashi)

Welcome to Experimental Quantum Information Physics (EQuIP) unit!

We are a new research unit at OIST that started in 2020.

We are looking for enthusiastic new Ph.D students, interns, postdocs and staff scientists. Please get in touch with us if you are interested!

We have a few open positions for postdoctral scholars and technicians.

Regarding applying to OIST as a potential Ph.D student, please see https://admissions.oist.jp/apply-phd for the details.

If you are interested in doing research interns, information can be found here https://admissions.oist.jp/apply-research-internship.

email: hiroki.takahashi[at]oist.jp

Unit overview

We work on experimental control over a system of interacting individual quantum particles. In the pursuit of ultimate quantum technologies in the laboratory, we aim at creating a new experimental platform to explore an uncharted territory of quantum matter and information. Our primary objective in a short term centers around the development of novel ion traps equipped with efficient optical interfaces. In ion traps, isolated atomic particles are held in vacuum, laser-cooled and controlled with electromagnetic fields at nearly perfect precision. We are going to incorporate optical cavities in ion traps such that ions in remote traps can be entangled by means of optical communication using single photons. Our strength is a concrete experience on ion-photon interaction that led to the first ever demonstration of strong coupling between a single ion and a single photon. Combining this breakthrough with the existing coherent control of trapped ions, we are going to build a functional ion trap module that can be efficiently interfaced to an optical quantum network. In this way we aim to establish a truly scalable and practically viable quantum information architecture beyond the current state of the art.

See our Research page for more details.

Latest Posts

  • Moonshot Grant

    Hiroki was awarded a research grant through the Moonshot Research & Development Program!

    He is leading one of the projects in the Moonshot goal 6 "Realization of a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer that will revolutionize economy, industry, and security by 2050". His project focuses on ion trap technologies and aims to develop photonically interconnected ion traps for fault-tolerant quantum computing.