Availability of Hosting PhD Students in Research Units

  • The list will be updated annually and/or upon a request from faculty. 
  • The Academic Year starts in September and ends in August.
Name Status Unit Academic Year 2020 Academic Year 2021 Academic Year 2022
ARBUTHNOTT, Gordon Full-time Brain Mechanism for Behaviour Unit No No No
BANDI, Mahesh Full-time Nonlinear and Non-equilibrium Physics Unit No Yes Yes
BOURGUIGNON, Thomas Full-time Evolutionary Genomics Unit Yes Yes Yes
BUSCH, Thomas Full-time Quantum Systems Unit Yes Yes Yes
CHAKRABORTY, Pinaki Full-time Fluid Mechanics Unit Yes Yes Yes
DANI, Keshav Full-time Femtosecond Spectroscopy Unit Yes Yes Yes
DE SCHUTTER, Erik Full-time Computational Neuroscience Unit Yes Yes Yes
DOYA, Kenji Full-time Neural Computation Unit Yes Yes Yes
ECONOMO, Evan P Full-time Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit No Yes Yes
FEICHTNER-KOZLOV, Dmitry Adjunct Applied Topology Unit Yes Yes Yes
FENG, Yejun Full-time Electronic and Quantum Magnetism Unit Yes Yes Yes
FRIED, Eliot Full-time Mathematics, Mechanics, and Materials Unit Yes Yes Yes
FROESE, Tom Full-time Embodied Cognitive Science Unit No Yes Yes
FUKAI, Tomoki Full-time Neural Coding and Brain Computing Unit No Yes Yes
FUKUNAGA, Izumi Full-time Sensory and Behavioural Neuroscience Unit No No Yes
GIOIA, Gustavo Full-time Continuum Physics Unit Yes Yes Yes
GORYANIN, Igor Adjunct Biological Systems Unit No No No
HIKAMI, Shinobu Full-time Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Unit No No No
HOHN, Philipp Full-time Qubits and Spacetime Unit Yes Yes Yes
HUSNIK, Filip Full-time Evolution, Cell Biology, and Symbiosis Unit Yes Yes Yes
ISHIKAWA, Hiroki Full-time Immune Signal Unit Yes No Yes
KABE, Ryota Full-time Organic Optoelectronics Unit Yes Yes Yes
KHUSNUTDINOVA, Julia Full-time Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis Unit Yes Yes Yes
KITANO, Hiroki Adjunct Integrated Open Systems Unit No No No
KIYOMITSU, Tomomi Full-time Cell Division Dynamics Unit Yes Yes Yes
KONO, Keiko Full-time Membranology Unit Yes Yes Yes
KONSTANTINOV, Denis Full-time Quantum Dynamics Unit Yes Yes Yes
KUHN, Bernd Full-time Optical Neuroimaging Unit No Yes Yes
KUSUMI, Akihiro Full-time Membrane Cooperativity Unit No No No
LAUDET, Vincent Full-time Marine Eco-Evo-Devo Unit Yes Yes Yes
LAURINO, Paola Full-time Protein Engineering and Evolution Unit Yes Yes Yes
LUSCOMBE, Nicholas Adjunct Genomics and Regulatory Systems Unit No No No
MARUYAMA, Ichiro Full-time Information Processing Biology Unit No No No
MASAI, Ichiro Full-time Developmental Neurobiology Unit Yes Yes Yes
MIKHEYEV, Alexander Adjunct Ecology and Evolution Unit No No No
MILLER, Jonathan Full-time Physics and Biology Unit No No No
MITARAI, Satoshi Full-time Marine Biophysics Unit No No Yes
MYERS, Gene Adjunct Algorithms for Eco And Evo Genomics Unit No No No
NARITA, Akimitsu Full-time Organic and Carbon Nanomaterials Unit  Yes Yes Yes
NEIMAN, Yasha Full-time Quantum Gravity Unit No No No
NIC CHORMAIC, Sile Full-time Light-Matter Interactions for Quantum Technologies Unit Yes Yes Yes
OKADA, Yoshinori Full-time Quantum Materials Science Unit Yes Yes Yes
PAABO, Svante Adjunct No No No
PIGOLOTTI, Simone Full-time Biological Complexity Unit Yes Yes Yes
QI, Yabing Full-time Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit Yes Yes Yes
RAVASI, Timothy Full-time Marine Climate Change Unit No No Yes
REITER, Sam Full-time Computational Neuroethology Unit Yes Yes Yes
ROKHSAR, Daniel Adjunct Molecular Genetics Unit No No No
ROSTI, Marco Full-time Complex Fluids and Flows Unit Yes Yes Yes
SATOH, Noriyuki Full-time Marine Genomics Unit No No No
SAZE, Hidetoshi Full-time Plant Epigenetics Unit Yes Yes Yes
SHANNON, Nic Full-time Theory of Quantum Matter Unit No No Yes
SHEN, Amy Full-time Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit Yes Yes Yes
SHINTAKE, Tsumoru Full-time Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit Yes Yes Yes
SKOGLUND, Ulf Full-time Structural Cellular Biology Unit No No No
SPECTOR, Daniel Full-time Nonlinear Analysis Unit No Yes Yes
SPEYER, Liron Full-time Representation Theory and Algebraic Combinatorics Unit No No Yes
STEPHENS, Greg Full-time Biological Physics Theory Unit No No No


Full-time Experimental Quantum Information Physics Yes Yes Yes
TAKAHASHI, Tomoyuki Full-time Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function Unit No No No
TANAKA, Fujie Full-time Chemistry and Chemical Bioengineering Unit Yes Yes Yes
TANAKA, Kazumasa Full-time Memory Research Unit No Yes Yes
TANI, Jun Full-time Cognitive Neurorobotics Research Unit Yes Yes Yes
TERENZIO, Marco Full-time Morecular Neuroscience Unit Yes Yes No
TORIUMI, Reiko Full-time Gravity, Quantum Geometry and Field Theory Unit Yes No No
TOUBER, Emile Full-time Shocks, Solitons and Turbulence Unit Yes Yes Yes
TRIPP, Gail Full-time Human Developmental Neurobiology Unit Yes Yes Yes
TWAMLEY, Jason Full-time Quantum Machines Unit No Yes Yes
UUSISAARI, Marylka Yoe Full-time Neuronal Rhythms in Movement Unit No No No
VAN VACTOR, David Adjunct Formation and Regulation of Neuronal Connectivity Research Unit No No No
WATANABE, Hiroshi Full-time Evolutionary Neurobiology Unit Yes No No
WICKENS, Jeff Full-time Neurobiology Research Unit Yes Yes Yes
WOLF, Matthias Full-time Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy Unit No Yes Yes
YAMAMOTO, Tadashi Full-time Cell Signal Unit No No No
YANAGIDA, Mitsuhiro Full-time G0 Cell Unit No No No
YAZAKI-SUGIYAMA, Yoko Full-time Neuronal Mechanism for Critical Period Unit No Yes Yes
YOKOBAYASHI, Yohei Full-time Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering Unit Yes    
YOSHIDA, Yutaka Adjunct Neural Circuit Unit Yes No No
ZHANG, Ye Full-time Bioinspired Soft Matter Unit Yes Yes Yes
ZHOU, Xiaodan Full-time Analysis on Metric Spaces Unit Yes Yes Yes

Last Updated: 14/September/2020