Knowledge and Practical Driving Tests

Knowledge and Practical Driving Tests

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☞Knowledge Test

The knowledge test is offered only on Wednesdays from 10AM - you must complete the document screening process by the day before the knowledge test (i.e. you cannot take the knowledge test on the same day you visit them for the document screening process)

※You have to get 7 questions correct out of 10 questions to pass the test.

※You can take a web practice test which gives you an idea of what the test will be like here.


Wednesdays:9:00 〜 11:30am

*Be there by 9:00AM to complete eye exam and aptitude test before the test


  • "Knowledge test reservation slip" which you get on the day of document screening
  • Glasses or contact lenses (only if you wear them when driving)


  • Arrive by 9AM. At window #1 or #2, submit the "knowledge test reservation slip" you received on the day of document screening.
  • Receive paperwork, then go to window #6 to pay the fee for the test (2,550JPY).
  • After the payment, proceed to take an eye test (or they call it an "aptitude test").

Photo: "Aptitude test" booth on the ground floor

  • After the eye test, go back to window #2 and give the paperwork.
  • Go to the upper floor, wait until "Examination room A" is opened (it'll be opened around 9:40AM).

  • Once the room is opened, give the examiner the paper you have.
  • Tell the examiner the type of driving license you want to get (either "automatic" or "manual")
  • The examiner then asks you in what language you want to take the test in. Choose your preferred language.
  • The examiner will lend you a pen and an answer sheet and then takes you to your seat.
  • Once all the applicants are in the room, the examiner will give explanations about the knowledge test. *Make sure you get information on the time the result will be announced
  • After the explanations, the examiner will hand out question sheets.
  • Once you've completed the test, return the pen, answer sheet, and question sheet to the desk placed in front of the examiner, and then leave the room.
  • Go back to the room by the time indicated by the examiner to get the result.
  • If you pass, make sure to be the first one to go to window #1 or #2 to make a reservation for the practical test.
  • Receive a "reservation slip" for the practical test.
☞Practical Driving Test

*You'll have to have an appointment to take a practical driving test after passing the knowledge test.

**If you are to cancel your appointment for the practical driving test, next appointment has to be made at the license center in person.(Contact the Resource Center so we may be able to do it on your behalf)

***If you prefer to take a driving lesson before taking the driving test, please contact Driver's License Academy to request a driving lesson.


  • Wednesdays: 01:00 〜 04:30pm

  • Fridays:          08:30 〜 11:30am


  • "Practical test reservation slip"
  • (if this is NOT your first test) Pile of papers given to you when you took the test last time
  • Glasses or contact lenses (only if you wear them when driving)


  • Wear comfortable clothes (nothing too loose-it may get caught in the door or steering)
  • Wear shoes - avoid open-toed sandals or high heels



※The test will be tested in the test track at the Driver's License Center

※You'll be assigned to drive through one of the following courses within the Driver's License Center.

Driving Test Course 1

Driving Test Course 2

Tips for the driving exam




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