School Registration for Children

To enroll your child in a local public school, you need to submit an enrollment application. The application form can be obtained from the Town/City Hall or local school. Please ask the relocation staff for assistance. The following documents are likely to be requested when applying:

  • Residence card or equivalent ID
  • Medical records and shot records/vaccination records
  • Transcript from current/previous school

Effective April 2020 (For those who is planning to enroll their child to Onna Elementary School)

Families living in Seragaki, Ota, Onna, Minami-onna, or Tancha may enroll directly in Onna Elementary school. Families living in these areas; Kisenbaru, Afuso, Nakama, Fuchaku, Maeganeku, Nakadomari, Yamada, Maeda, Shioya or Ukaji, must complete an exemption form to transfer their child to Onna Elementary School.

Please refer to Schooling options for other schooling options in Okinawa.