Schooling Options

Schooling Options

OIST Graduate University have created this site to share information on different schooling options available in Okinawa. Our Education Coordinator has been visiting schools with the purpose of creating FAQ documents for parents/guardians. Some of the details gained from these visits has informed the creation of the documents you find here. Should you have any further questions based on your childs specific needs, please use this link to a webform for contacting the Education Coordinator.

Upcoming Events

Please consult school websites for up to date information on events being conducted. There have been many cancelations and postponements due to the current COVID-19 risks associated with large gatherings. Specific dates will be added to this section once restrictions have been lifted.

Educational Websites and Apps

To help support families in choosing relevent and effective educational material for their children, please find below a curated list of recommended websites (tab 1) and apps (tab 2).

School Curriculums

There are a range of different curriculums on offer in Okinawa, please consult the following infographics to see what these are.

School Websites

Here you will find direct links to many of the schooling options available in Okinawa. In the second column of the document you will find links to the schools admissions pages.

School Fees

The documents below outline the tuition fee costs for some International schools around Okinawa. Any additional costs (school uniform, lunches, buses and clubs) have not been included.

School FAQ

Below you will find FAQ documents in English and Japanese, covering some of the schooling options available in Okinawa.


Onna Elementary School

Please use this link to access a map explaining Onna Elementary School registration effective April 2020.

Please use this link to access a PDF copy of the exemption form required for transfers to Onna Elementary School.

Relocated Onna International Classroom

The English language arts program that was previously run from the International Classroom in Onna Elementary, is now operating in an afterschool capacity from seaside house.

Eligible families for this program include those who previously participated in the International classroom at Onna Elementary School, those currently participating in that program, or who would have been participating if the English program was still operating. This includes students who would previously have been able to transfer to Onna Elementary, from other districts, to attend the International classroom.

Please click here to register your interest in the Relocated Onna International Classroom, English language arts program. Places in the program are subject to availability, which will be clarified in the acknowledgement of your registration via email.