Order groceries online and have them delivered to your door!

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Have you ever wished you could save the time and the energy that you spend for grocery shopping? - Wanting to avoid driving to a shop, wandering there looking for items you want, standing in the queue to check out, etc..

'Net Super delivery service' may make your wish come true. You can order groceries online and have them delivered to your door. You can even specify the time of delivery. Furthermore, you can ask them to leave your order at a designated spot even if you cannot receive the order in person!

There are a few Net Super delivery service options in Okinawa.

The videos below explain how to sign up for the services, how to order the items and have them delivered to the desired location. Hope this will help you save some of your time.

Key information

  Membership Fee Delivery Fee Minumum order amount




Additional 220 yen applies for the order amount less than 2,000 yen

AEON No 330yen/order 700yen

*Including tax

(New!) San-A Net-Super 


AEON Net-Super


Ryubo Net-Super

Coming soon!