Gong Show

  Name Institution Title
[Jan. 9th]      
1 Jieqiang Wu Peking University 1-loop partition function in higher genus Riemann surface
2 Sam S.C. Wong Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Sphaleron Baryon Number Violation and Topology
3 Gansukh Tumurtushaa Sogang university Primordial gravitational waves induced by the space-condensate inflation
4 Dongwook Ghim Seoul National University An Introduction to Brane Brick models and 2d (0,2) Theories
5 Karthik Inbasekar Tata Institute of FundamentalResearch $2 \to 2$ scattering in supersymmetric matter Chern-Simons theories at large N
6 Woohyun Rim Seoul National University O(D,D) Covariant Noether Currents and Global Charges in DFT
7 Rickmoy Samanta Tata Institute of Fundamental Research The shear Viscosity in anisotropic phases
8 Yuhma Asano Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies Feeling fivebranes in matrix models.
9 Dongmin Gang Kavli-IPMU Defects in 3d/3d correspondence
10 Tokiro Numasawa Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University Entanglement Entropy in String Theory
11 Hirohiko Shimada OIST One-parameter fractals in 3D non-unitary CFT
12 Arindam Lala S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Vortex and Droplets using Non-relativistic Holography
13 Kento Watanabe Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University Quantum Entanglement of Excited States by Heavy Local Operators in Large-c CFT at Finite Temperature and the Scrambling Time
14 Masataka Watanabe Kavli IPMU Quantum Information theory and gravitational anomaly
15 Ruidong Zhu University of Tokyo SH^c realization of W-algebras
16 Mangesh Mandlik Tata Institute of Fundamental Research A membrane paradighm at large D
17 Wang Xin University of Science and Technology of China Non-perturbative Topological String from Exact Quantization Condition
18 Tsung-Hsuan Tsai National Taiwan University On Higgs Branch Localization of Seiberg-Witten Theories on Ellipsoid
[Jan. 13th]      
1 Sang-A Park Yonsei University Scaling symmetry and generalized Smarr relation
2 Youngbin Yun Seoul National University ABJM Amplitudes and a Soft Theorem
3 Akinori Tanaka Riken On 3d quantum gravity via localization
4 Nilakash Sorokhaibam Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 2D Critical Quench, Thermalization and Non-Universality
5 Aya Kasai Kyushu University Decay of False Vacuum via Fuzzy Monopole in String Theory
6 Yuhei Goto Shinshu university Family unification using higher dimensional theory
7 Mayumi Saitou Ochanomizu University Hydrodynamics on non-commutative space
8 Hiroyuki Shimizu University of Tokyo S^1 compactification of 6d SCFTs
9 Masahiro Nozaki The University of Chicago Quantum Entanglement of Operators
10 Rene Meyer Stony Brook University Gravity and Condensed Matter
11 Daisuke Takahashi OIST Vacuum stability in U(1)' extended Standard Model with classically conformality 
12 Ashish Shukla Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Ward Identities for Scale and Special Conformal Transformations in Inflation
13 Yongwan Gim Sogang University A quail Tolman temperature