Taking PCR Test

When you go out of the country

1. Taking the PCR test in Okinawa (Reservation needed)

  • Location of the PCR test
    沖縄臨床検査センター Okinawa Rinshou Kensa Center
  • Location of the Negative certificate pick-up
    西町クリニック Nishimachi Clinic
  • Price
    10,000 JPY for the swab test at the PCR site
    3,000 JPY for the English negative certificate at the Nishimachi clinic
  • Reservation can made at the Resource Center. Please bring a copy of your passport and your phone number
  • Flow of the test
    1. Make a reservation
    2. [First day] Take the PCR test→you will receive a result by SMS message in Japanese around 20:00 on that day
    3.[The day after] Pick-up the negative certficate

*The earliest pick-up time for the negative certificate is at 10:30 AM for those who took the test in the morning on the day before
**The negative certificate cannot be issued on Sundays and holidays
***Payment available only in cash. PLEASE PREPARE THE EXACT AMOUNT
****No drinking, eating, brushing teeth from one hour prior to the test




2. Taking the PCR test at Narita Airport (Reservation needed)

  • Location of the PCR test
    Narita AP Terminal 1 and 2
  • Price
    32,500 JPY if you have a reservation
    Make reservation from here

*It takes two hours to get an English negative certificate(it may take more time depending on their schedule)
**Please check the details from here