Green Okinawa(18) mymizu app - fill up your waterbottles at registered locations near you!

Dear OISTers,

The Resource Center is compiling information on how to be more environmentally friendly in Okinawa. In the spirit of learning from each other, please share your knowledge with us and we'll share it with fellow OISTers!

Here's a quick one from us.

Find a free water refill spot near your location!

This is an app to help you find locations where you can top up your water bottle when you need some water.
There are more than 1,200 spots in Japan. There are some spots near OIST.
All you need are this mymizu app on your mobile phone and your water bottle.
With this app, not only can you add refill spots near you, but you also track how many plastic bottles and how much CO2 you have saved.
Let's save our limited natural resources together using this app!
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