Japanese year converter

In Japan, years are sometimes written in the Japanese era calendar, which is based on the reign of the Emperor, especially on documents issued by the bureaucratic offices. For instance, the Western year 1968 is 43rd year of Showa era (which started in 1926). The name of the era is changed when the Emperor on the throne is replaced by another due to the death of His Majesty or abdication. This year converter will help you convert years in the Western calendar to the Japanese calendar or the other way round.

Use this converter to convert your D.O.B., submission date of official documents to be submitted to municipal offices, etc.

It may be confusing when it comes to converting your birthday if you were born in the year that an era was replaced by another because the change of an era can happen in the middle of the year. For example, Taisho era ended on 25th December 1926 due to the death of Emperor Taisho who was succeeded by His Majesty's son, Emperor Showa whose era started on 26th December 1926. Hence, someone who was born on 14th November 1926 would say he was born in the 15th year of Taisho, while someone who was born on 30th December 1926 would say he was born in the 1st year of Showa despite that they were born in the same year in the Western calendar.