International Moving Companies

Nippon Express (日通)

  • DIY(self-packing) Service
  • Standard Moving Service

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Small Moves *This is the only service available from Okinawa

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Ryukyu Butsuryu (琉球物流)

By consolidated Cargo. Please contact Mr. Chinen at (English OK).

Move Japan

  • Door to Door service - Packing and Unpacking included. All your goods will be moved from one house to another even to a particular room.
  • Door to port service - Packing included. This service can be cheaper if you can arrange the customs clearance by yourself. Unexpected fees and expenses might occur.
    *All the service includes packing. The price will be the same even you choose to pack by yourself.

For more information, please visit their webpage.
Contact form here or call them at 04-2936-8228