How to donate to Onna Social Welfare Council

Onna Social Welfare Council is a social welfare service corporation in Onna village that peovides help for people in need. They can also be a mediator between you and those who are in need to deliver donations made by you.

They accept food as well as money for donation.

If you would like to donate food, please contact the Resource Centre to ask to make an appointment with them for a visit.

If you would like to donate money, please contact the Resource Centre to get an application form for donation which needs to be filled out and sent to the coucil before you make donation.

Below is how you donate money using the ATM installed in OIST.

How to make a transfer (from the ATM on campus):

Please DO NOT SELECT "ENGLISH" TAB as transfer function is NOT available in English.

1. Select "お振込み" tab at the top-right.

2. Tap the green button

3. Insert your bank card

4. Type in the 4-digit pin number for your bank card (if you see green buttons before this page, tap green buttons to get to this page)

5. Select the button at the very bottom.

6. Tap "沖縄銀行" button located at the left-top.

7. Select "オ" at the left-bottom for the first letter of the branch name.

8. On the next page, you should see a list of branches. Select "恩納支店".


9. Select "普通" to select "ordinary saving account" for the bank account type.

10. Type in the recipient's bank account number and tap the green button. (1101280)

11. Type in your phone number (use the resource center's phone number 098-982-3540 if you don't have one).

12. Type in the amount you are transferring.

13. Tap the green button if you see this message (no need if this page doesn't appear)

14. In the next page, a summary of this transfer will be shown. double-check the account number, the amount, and the transaction fee below the amount. Tap the green button to confirm the payment if everything seems good.

Recipient's account details:
  • Name of the bank: 沖縄銀行(Bank of Okinawa)
  • Branch: 恩納支店(Onna branch)
  • Account type: 普通(Ordinary saving account)
  • Account#: 1101280
  • Name of the recipient: フク)オンナソンシャカイフクシキョウギカイリジタイラユキオ

15. Receive your bank card and a receipt.