Green Okinawa (17) Solar installation at home - post 1

Dear OISTers,

In the spirit of sharing practical information about how to live in a sustainable way in Okinawa, Please find our first post on the topic of solar panel installations on homes.

KarE-roof is an initiative from the Okinawa Electric Power Company and the Okinawa New Energy Development Co. Inc. Offering purchase and installation of solar panels and batteries with no initial installation cost.

There are some practical requirements to be eligible for this programme, including:

  • The roof area of ​​the building must be 40 m2 or more

  • The storage battery installation area must be 1 m2

  • The roof must be flat and the house made of concrete

  • The building must be detached and have 1 or 2 stories (not more)

For more information please visit which includes a short YouTube video about the programme and the application form.

The official contact is the KarE roof Secretariat for the Okinawa New Energy Development Co, telephone number 098-923-2477, operating Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

Using clean and renewable energy is a critical part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and averting the worst impacts of climate change.


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The post was developed in collaboration with Ami Chinen (OIST SCDA), Yoshimasa Nakamura (OIST Resource Center) and Kate Whitfield.