Setting up Internet at home


Install Internet service at Home


It would be best if you searched whether your apartment is compatible with the building you are living.

Please contact/apply directly for English speaking companies. If you wish to apply AU Hikari chura, please come to Resource Center with your residence card

AU Hikari chura

Monthly Fee: 6,300~7,300 JPY

Provider Fee: Included in the monthly fee

The time it takes for installation: About 45 days

Initial Fee: 800 JPY for contract fee+*37,800 JPY(1,050 JPY/month discount×36 months →0 JPY) for installation fee

*If you cancel your contract within three years, the remaining amount of initial fee will be charged with your cancellation fee

Cancellation Fee: 9,500 JPY

Vinet Okinawa (NTT) English ok

Monthly Fee: 4,300 JPY

Provider Fee: 1,200 JPY

The time it takes for installation: About three weeks

Initial fee: 800 JPY for contract fee+2,000~1,800 JPY for installation fee

Cancellation fee: 9,500 JPY

GLBB Japan (NTT) English ok



Pocket Wi-Fi

UQ Mobile Wimax

15 days free trail available

Monthly Fee: 3,880JPY~

GTN Wifi (English ok)

Monthly Fee: 3,980 JPY